Monday, 19 January 2015

Want us to stay in the UK? Don't whinge about circumcision or Kosher slaughter

David here,

Saying to Jews we want you to stay,does mean accepting our right to circumcise males and to slaughter animals according to our religious tradition

There are a few understandable voices within our community which are afraid of staying in  Britain, under what sometimes feels to be a new tide of antisemitism, this time not from the far right, although this still exists, but via the fundamentalist version of the religion of you know who, you the one which is above and beyond all criticism (that is if you wish to remain alive).  

I utterly understand these concerns and a few other people have said to be to note the reassuring noises of Cabinet Ministers( such as Eric Pickles and Teresa May), but this is where the elite seems to get quite confused. Whilst May and co were gushing over the Jewish community and how much she'd like us to stay in the UK, which I utterly applaud by the way, elsewhere in the Jewish News were read about a Judge's opinion of male circumcision, which he not only calls 'Harmful' (without saying why, although I've not felt any ill effects of being circumcised for most of my life) and compares it to female genital mutilation,but that male circumcision is 'tolerated' because society (we could say a lot of other things, such as gay marriage are tolerated today, but as with male circumcision will it be in the future?)  wishes to tolerate it. 

So there you go. If the politicians really wanted to make Jews feel safe, then they'd make sure, by passing legislation and finally getting rid of the human rights bull crap act (in so much as it has become a byword for left of centre ideas about what and who gets human rights) , that both male circumcision was protected in law as was religious slaughter. It's bad enough being attacked by the traditional antisemitism of the far right, the religious fanatics of ISIS, as well as the new fanatics of those atheists and secularists who wish to interfere with my religious freedoms, beliefs and practises. Which is why I don't believe that a secular or atheist state would be any better for Jews than the current arrangement of an established Christianity. 


  1. Garnel Ironheart19 January 2015 at 13:55

    Dude, they don't want you to stay but they're too civilized to tell you straight out.
    Look, in Western societies there are constitutions, laws, etc. all guaranteeing freedom of religion and so on. This means the British government can't simply come out and pass anti-Jewish laws. What they can do is pass laws that claim to be for the good of society but are suspiciously targeted at specific Jewish rituals. Yeah, you can be Jewish and a first class citizen but we don't like ritual circumcision in these here parts for anybody (even though we'll turn a blind eye to Muslims doing it and just pick on you). Yeah, we don't have a problem with you being Jewish but if you buy Israel bonds, well we'll say that's an issue but hey, someone Chrisian buying them is also suspect!

  2. Garnel

    What's worse is that it won't be laws, but court decisions. Judges are increasingly ignoring parliament and legislating on their own. In some ways I find this more disturbing. At least one can fight a political philosophy or party: how to do that with a conclave of unaccountable judges?

  3. Garnel Ironheart20 January 2015 at 13:18

    We have the same issue in Canada. On one hand, there's a good argument to be made for an independent judiciary. Look at the level of corruption in the US where judges and high ranking public attorneys have to run for office. On the other hand, once you have a group of ideological judges who see themselves as the true government because they're "enlightened" you're stuck with their initiatives and any attempt by the government to reign them in results in cries of "Infringement on judicial independence!"


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