Monday, 8 September 2014

Mazel Tov to the royal family!

Hi all

Hannah here!

Congratulations to the duke and duchess of Cambridge, who is preggers again!

I just love the royal family.Never do get why people  want to make Britain a republic. 


  1. I just don't the English Jews. Here you have a country with a storied history of Jew hatred. You having a rising tide of anti-Jewish activity. Yet you're all so bloody patriotic!

  2. Hi Garnel,

    Yes it's a paradox isn't it? But then why is Germany- of all places!- seeing the largest increase in European Jewry? For Britain, the paradox extends to the fact despite the antisemitism, there is a high likelihood of a Jew being the next prime minister and the head of the supreme court is Jewish. Very strange times. For the record, I think a constitutional monarchy is the best way for Britain, but not necessarily other countries. Not that we are likely to be Britain if the Scottish have their way, a bit like the French Canadians, but more chippy...(:

    Oh and as I've said before I'm seriously contemplating alyiah, but haven't made a final decision. Will still feel a certain fondness for England though, if I did go.

  3. Congratulations to the royal couple. Now there's an heir, there'll be a spare!

  4. Yeah!! Will this change the Scottish vote?


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