Thursday, 4 September 2014

Thoughts on Iraq

David here,

Whilst I want to get back to some discussions on Judaism on this blog, I do feel I want to put this one up for discussion and debate.

Should Britain join America in intervention in Iraq to combat IS? And is it enough to carry out air strikes, will we need to face up to the fact we will have in send in ground troops? What is the strategy and how will we walk away?

I don't have a answer to these, at least not answers I like!

My heart says yes, but my brain says no. My head tells me it would be a bloody non winnable conflict. My heart sees the genocide and murder and wants to strike at this evil with all the might the Allies have.

Difficult choices, difficult decisions. But that is why we elect Parliaments and Presidents, to make difficult decisions, not to duck them.

What do readers think?


  1. Hi David

    Difficult decisions yes. But isn't there a bit of we in the west caused this by the overthrow of Saddam and not being able to run a country properly? Do we have a obligation because of that? And because people are being killed?

  2. Hey Dov,

    Here's my take!

  3. Let me guess, bomb the bastards us what you'll argue??

  4. Limited strikes won't work. You either get what's left of the Iraqi army to do this, along with the Kurds or you do it all yourself. And no one wants another Iraq war with ground occupation and rule.

  5. I shall read later. How many times does the word beginning with f and ending in k appear?

  6. No Saddam was overthrown because of WMD's not necon rubbish about democracy. I agree it was a cock up, that is the bit after the war. But if we acted out of guilt. We'd be intervening quite a lot.

  7. Yes. Have the cake and eat it time

  8. > But that is why we elect Parliaments and Presidents, to make difficult decisions,

    And what a crappy job they've done of it over the last few decades.

    There is a cleaner answer here. Use the air force to bomb the bejabbers out of ISIS. Arm the Kurds to the teeth and let them do the rest. No ground troops from the US or UK needed. If you want you can go and blockade the Straits of Hormuz to remind the Iranians who's boss.


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