Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Is it is over... it seems to be over.... for now

David here,

I am taking a quick dive back into blogging, for this article.

It looks like the current military conflict is Gaza is coming to an end or at least  a long pause, whilst some form of ceasefire is arranged between the 2 sides in Cairo. It has been a tough fight, one in which many Israelis & Palestinians died, not because of Israeli 'imperialism', but because of the sheer intransigence of Hamas. Millions of pounds of aid were misspent by terrorists building these tunnels and the resources of Gaza were all ploughed into projects, not for the welfare of the territories people, but for terrorists purposes. To be sure Israel has NOT overthrown the terrorist regime, which would have been my aim. I can appreciate why Israel did not do so, for various strategic and political reasons. My only fear is that in a couple of years, if not months, this whole thing will happen again, as the terror network is still there .But at least the tunnels are gone and Hamas have been dealt a severe blow.

In respect of the Palestinian threat to join the ICC : this is an utter joke. Not that Israel should recognise this kangaroo court, but  even if it did, I doubt the Pals will go for this, other than by way as a negotiating chip. Why? Well put simply the reason why so many in the west fall for Palestinian propaganda is because the media like 'real time' information and the Hamas give them that, or more accurately lies and utterly ridiculous lies at that. The IDF is often slow to rebut these charges, because they are a modern western PROFESSIONAL fighting force and therefore do thorough investigations when things apparently go wrong, have armies of lawyers, investigators etc  & most of the time when reports are issued, we often see half of what has been claimed by the UN/media/Hamas is a load of distorted and twisted untruths, but by that time the media circus has moved on, so the mud and propaganda victory sticks with one side . The problems for the Pals is that all of this is kept and documented by the IDF, so their lies would be exposed in the full glare of reality if it ever went to a court (not, note, that it should, as Israel has no case to answer anyway).

As for the impact on this for British politics, I won't comment as such on this, because that is my brother Sam's patch (read his blog here). All I will say is that this war has yet again exposed some ugly latent anti-semitism , which is sad because the bulk of the British population- the silent majority- are with Israel and against the terrorists. That we have idiots like the liberal democrats calling for an arms embargo and voter (Islamic) grubbing fools like the Labour party is unfortunate. And then there is Lady "principle" Warsi, to which one asks where was your principle on other occasions it was called for when it comes to 'morally indefensible' outrages ? 

Finally, as ever, we must thank the men and women of the IDF, the young flowers of Israel, who have had to do the fighting to protect the Jewish homeland. Our thoughts are with those who have not come back. May they not be forgotten. As we have said in Britain on Monday, "they gave their today, for our tomorrow". 

G-d bless you all.


  1. Get Israel to recognize the Palestinian Territories and stop this illegal occupation of their land and treating them as less than human and the fighting will stop. Jewish Zionism is evil and their pursuit of ownership of this land is in contrast to the values of the Jewish faith. The Zionists are the true terrorists.Stop the Israeli illegal land grabbing then you might stop rockets being fired at Israel in retaliation! You have to look a little more closely here than merely blaming terrorists, Palestinians are being boxed in like sardines. The terrorist is Israel. They are the Ones who broke the ceasefire, they are the ones refusing to sit down at a peacetable, they are the ones doing the majority of Murders.

  2. London's Willy6 August 2014 at 10:41

    Not at all correct. The Palestinians were thrown of their land when Americans and Europeans decided to grant their land to zionists because of an ancient book and its pronouncements.Since 1948 the Israelis have occupied Palestinian land seized by force . They continue to build settlements on the West Bank which is akin to waving a red rag to a bull as far as the Palestinians are concerned. All this in defiance of very many United Nations Resolutions calling on them to withdraw.

    Here is a link to a list of all Resolutions against the Israelis, not one of which has been complied with.

    Note that the severest resolutions were all vetoed by the USA.Furthur , the Israelis try to control every aspect of the lives of Palestinians in Gaza .Until they cease to do so, and treat Palestinians as equals ,there will be no peace in Gaza .

    The Israelis together with their American backers/financiers/arms suppliers simply have to face facts . Leave the Arab lands they occupy and control if they truly want to live in peace.
    If not , the endless circle of violence will continue until Israel is finally defeated , which , be assured it will be , one way or another.

  3. Israel is the occupier. The occupation began in '67.

    The Palestinians aren't the terrorists.

  4. Funny that David (and the rest of us) consistently refer to Hamas as terrorists, not the people of Palestine. And Israel does not occupy the Gaza strip. Which is why it is controlled by fundamentalist lunatics.

  5. This is the problem you guys never answer: if you are going to dismantle Israel (which will NEVER happen), what are you going to do with 6-7 million Israeli Jews and the 200,000 Christians & others, who presumably will not want to live in a totalitarian fascist Palestine run by religious fanatics, as they country goes down the route of third world shit hole? Please answer.

  6. Israel accepted the first ceasefire. Hamas did not. When Israel accepted other ceasefires on humanitarian grounds they continued to fight. Do some fact checking. Israel is not a terrorist state. You are talking about our family (as in our blood family) relatives. They are not evil people, but kind, gentle and humourous. They don't want to fight, but have to self defence.

  7. Arafat was given more under Clinton's last attempt to find a peace deal. He walked out of the deal. 14 years of further conflict and war could have been avoided if he had accepted the plan, which was EXTREMELY generous to Palestine. The bloody fool refused. Look what's happened since.

  8. Dov,

    Thanks for this; I pray that you are correct in that we have drawn a line against these terrorists. Thanks for all your and the families support over the past couple of weeks. I understand the personal costs of these things. I see the trolls are at it again.

  9. Tell this to the many thousands of dead Israelis throughout the years.

  10. See Hannah's response below.

  11. Hamas aren't interested in real peace. Read their charter to get an education on that.

  12. Utter crap, which I hope Dov will delete when he is back.

  13. How anyone can support Israel beats me ! A typical colonial state - invades against international law, steals land by force or manipulation of the "law" against Palestinians, Oppression by State forces - army and police, Coercion, and brutality. There is enough on record from the international media, Haaretz, the Israeli Peace Movement, the Recruits who Refuse to Serve, the ex IDF soldiers who did serve and got their eyes opened, When a politician tries to negotiate peace - the right wing assassinates -eg Prime Minister Rabin. Mr Netanyahu does not want to negotiate as he is opposed to a two state solution despite Israel stating that was the way to go previously. Maybe he is afraid that if he negotiates, he will be assassinated too. Gaza is not the first war crime scene committed by this country - Shabra, Shatila, Qana, Qibya,etc are stains on it's record - committed by the Most Moral of Armies.

  14. Atheist Shrugged6 August 2014 at 18:03

    I agree, but these fools can't see what a terrible regime they support. Look at past Israeli aggressions :

    Grapes of Wrath
    Wrath of God
    Days of Penitence
    Just Reward
    Cast Lead
    Iron Law
    Protective Edge

    such a peace loving state

  15. The Western media supported by the usual politico band-wagon of Ed Miliband and Paddy Ashdown portrays Israel as a brutal aggressor slaughtering innocent Palestinian civilians. But such populist anti-Israeli posturing wholly ignores the reality of Islamist aggression in the Middle East and the depth of the challenge faced by democracies and other faiths. It is a complete inversion of morality which supports the malevolent forces of Jihadism and demonstrates a suicidal disdain for the interests of non-Islamic world. The “innocent” Palestinians voted for Hamas which then proceeded to fire 3,000 rockets at Jewish civilians and construct tunnels into Israel to infiltrate heavily armed terrorists. The media obsessively count every dead body but rarely mention that Israel uses its Iron Dome to protect civilians, while Hamas uses civilians to protect its rockets. The cry for negotiations is fatuous because Hamas is bent on the annihilation of Israel and the eradication of every other faith - including Christianity - within the Islamic Crescent.

  16. London's Willy

    Just out of curiosity, why should anyone give a rat's ass about UN resolutions? You don't actually think that bloated bureaucratic abcess actually has some authority, do you?


  17. All those conflicts were in response to terrorist aggression, not deliberate 'empire building' by the Israelis.

  18. Shlomo,

    Yes they are at it again- and I never seem to find the time to deal with these people! Just have to be quick about it.

  19. & Before that Jordan and Egypt were the occupier. But you don't give a toss about that....

  20. No surprise given the UN is stuffed full of anti-Israeli hating states. Bet that's why you like it though. How's organising the demo against ISIS going??

  21. Shlomo

    Actually I'm going to leave that one up there as an example of utter idiocy....

  22. Israel has offered peace before its own creation via the Peel report in the 1930s and then repeatedly after 1948. It has been Arabs and the Pals in particular who have rejected every compromise. Because the real agenda is too get rid of Israel.

  23. Quinn,

    LOL! What fantasy universe do you live in? That wasn't a rhetorical question. I'm really interested to know!


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