Monday, 23 June 2014

Hey Gay, what about ....?

Hi All ,

Sorry, been busy today, waiting for a new piano to arrive! 

Listed below are the kinds of comments  or questions from  some religious people I've had come my way over the years since coming out .... so here goes. 

Hey Gay! : 
  1.  Their ain't a thing called gay, it is A choice
  2. U ARE a sin
  3. Being gay is OK, but ya  gotta be celibate ...Gay sex is a sin, so is having a gay partner 
  4. U need to be cured of it via a miracle
  5. Have a relationship, sex lives aren't our business, but religious marriage is for heterosexuals  
  6. We don't have gays here and you're no welcome ....
  7. You two ain't allowed to have gay sex, which is dirty and sinful, repent! 
  8. You must be having sex if you are gay [Even absented of a partner]. But these heterosexuals, not married aren't bonking each other to  a birth outside of wedlock
  9. Being gay is the worst possible sin ever
  10. If you could take a pill to become heterosexual, would you?
As this is an interactive blog, to readers  I ask
  • If you are gay, what's been your experiences? 
  • If you are not gay, how do you respond to the gay person? 
As to the answer to question 10. No, I wouldn't take a pill to change me. I'm gay, that's the way G-d made me. In the same way I'm shortsighted, left handed, His image, He knitted me together in my mother's womb... 


  1. When God made gay men, He must have had an inkling they’d be physically attracted to each other, and He must be content with that or He wouldn’t have made them gay in the first place. Society seems to have survived the temptations presented by heterosexuality so I don’t see why homosexuality should be a problem. God doesn’t see it as a problem.

  2. Vatican Watcher23 June 2014 at 17:33

    All this gay business is starting to get on my tits.

    Homosexuals should not be pandered to.

    Not by any means.

  3. Hi Hannah,

    As you know I'm from a very Evangelical background. I looked long and hard for a cure for my homosexuality. I really beat myself up very badly for it throughout my teens and early 20s. I really didn't want to be gay. In my school, one boy came out as gay when he was 15. His parents threw him out of the house and never spoke to him again. I saw him a while later destitute in the local town centre. Calling someone gay was the worst thing you could say.

    I went to churches and various events, and was prayed over by various people to "have the demon removed from me". I bear no malice to these people - they were doing what they thought was right, I suppose. But they were in a position of responsibility to me, and I think they failed, pastorally as well as theologically, in that I wasn't 'cured'. There was nothing wrong with me at all, nor was there anything wrong with the boy from my school. We didn't choose this, but for the sake of others like the guy from my school, I won't accept that I have to live "a quiet life" either.

    Because I am privileged to live in a time and place where being gay is relatively pain- free, I will continue to fight for people in other places whose lives are made miserable or ended for something I now know we have no choice over. These are no miserable rights. For me, they are joyous and I will celebrate them and fight for others to be able to share them. I regard the time I wasted fighting myself with regret and wouldn't wish that level of guilt or self- loathing or abnegation on anyone. I'm lesbian, a Christian and proud of that. And I've got you to thank for me being able to see this, to come out and have a life outside of the closet, xx (:


  4. "so I don’t see why homosexuality should be a problem. God doesn’t see it as a problem."


  5. Naftali Schmitz23 June 2014 at 17:57

    My old friend Mr Glen Moray says 'Hello'.

    So much better a chap than Mr Daniels.

  6. "So much better a chap than Mr Daniels"

    Agreed Dude, agreed!

  7. Sophie,

    Cool. Thanks for sharing your story. You're one of the reasons why I decided not to publish a rant against the Presbyterians of the US and their anti- Israel attitude! (:

  8. "If you are not gay, how do you respond to the gay person? "

  9. I think it is to do with the bible. In the book of Leviticus, it says that gay sex is wrong (it also says that eating pork and anything that lives underwater but does not have scales is wrong but somehow fundamentalist Christians seem to ignore those despite being mentioned way more often than gay sex)

    if the bible is the word of God, then who made people gay? surely God would have not have as he thought it was a terrible sin so they must have chosen it for themselves

    I think part of the reason why Gay people get so much abuse from Christians is that a lot of them are secretly gay themselves and repress those emotions and end up bitter and unhappy and so target openly gay men as a way to deal with those repressed emotions

  10. Sophie,

    Thanks for sharing this story. You glow so much more after you came out. When you were an Evangelical Fundamentalist I thought you were an utter bitch. How times and God have changed you for the better!

  11. Most people will never understand you until they go through the same. An ex friend used to call me weak and ridiculous when I was depressed and tried to kill myself. Now that she has got depression herself and is all alone, she understands that it's something out of control. I don't believe for a minute people 'choose' to be gay or bisexual. There are open-minded people who will understand, but people in general will judge before making an effort to understand. I don't want to be part of a society who can't accept people for who they are.
    Sexuality doesn't define a person. I couldn't care less if you're gay or not. Your sexuality has nothing to do with it, but your personality. And no I wouldn't wan to make you straight either Hannah.

  12. Vatican Watcher23 June 2014 at 18:30

    You need to stand up for the Word of God, there are many places in the Bible that says homosexuality is a sin and the Bible also says that Jesus Christ and Him Crucified is the Solution to our sin. He became sin Who knew no sin so that we might be the Righteousness of God in Him. There is a such thing as Victory over the bondage and sin of homosexuality and that is found only in Jesus Christ and His Finished Work on the Cross. By His Blood we are made clean

  13. I'm new in Christ and from what I've read so far, the scriptures doesn't say that being gay in itself is a sin but the practices of unnatural relations/acts like, Men lying with other men (Leviticus 18:22, Romans 1:26-27), women with other women as well fornication, adultery, or other forms of sexual immorality.

    God doesn't hate us gay people but I think he despise the "practices" of homosexual lusts as well as ALL OTHER SINS. I was saved and I still struggle with the lust of homosexuality but I know the LORD is changing me and instilling new desires in my heart. One thing I've learned is that the LORD works in his own time with each of us. Some desires may change instantly while others take time, even years. We must remain patient and keep the faith and trust in the LORD and his promises.

    If you're confused about this subject, it's best to go directly to JESUS himself through prayer, asking forgiveness, accepting him as your LORD and Savior, confess your sins and ask to be baptize with the HOLY SPIRIT (which is the spirit of TRUTH and will teach you all things).

  14. Bible and Truth23 June 2014 at 18:35

    You're right, the world is cursed and homosexuality wasn't what God intended. We must understand the origins of certain sins like homosexuality.

    Before I started walking in the spirit, I also wanted more clarity as to why homosexuality was condemned in the bible. So I started researching other sources, had conversations with God, prayed and let the Holy Spirit guide me to more truths and apply. To truly understand why homosexuality exists today is to understand it's origins. These are not the only sources I found but it's enough to make sense when applied through the spirit.

    Homosexuality stems from the curse of Ham (father of Canaan), passed down from the Canaanites, Romans, etc

    History of homosexuality

    Killing the Canaanites

    Historical data concerning the history of homosexuality:


    Consequences of prevalent homosexuality according to this reads:

    "As with Sodom and its region, (Jude 1:7) widespread fornication and its abominable homosexual form are Biblically seen by traditional Christians as concomitant with “pride, fullness of bread and abundance of idleness, and selfishness. (Ezek.16:49,50), and is a preclude to national travail and ultimate destruction, if such prevalence continued.

    Historically, societies that have embraced homosexuality have perished, whereas those that have upheld traditional values have endured. For example, ancient Rome's decline and its eventual fall in A.D. 476 were due in no small part to a growing tolerance of homosexual acts beginning in the Late Republic period ending in 27 B.C.

    We also see this today, both internationally and nationally. Internationally, those countries that preserve conservative social morality and family values are the leaders in both freedom and prosperity, while those that grant special rights to homosexuals lag in both areas.

    Nationally, in America's big cities, the "gayborhoods" have the highest rates of crime and other social dysfunctions and the lowest property values, whereas the reverse is true in neighborhoods in which socially conservative Christian churches are prevalent."

  15. Homosexuality is a genetic thing. Look it up on Google - it's not a sin, it's biological. So who gives a fuck if someone wants to be gay or lesbian, let them be that way, and in peace too. Stop telling them they're being sinful or that's it's wrong, because it's NOT

  16. Thanks GF! The praying for a cure to my gayness came from the days of my exploration into Christianity; this was a particular obsession of the Charismatics. These are the guys who speak in tongues, fall on the floor as a sign of the christian holy spirit... very strange but all part of the journey.

  17. No! Being gay and Jewish is fab! After much struggle. I don't think I'd want it any other way.

  18. That is a good video. Thanks for putting it put. I can relate to this in so many ways (:

  19. Hi Paul
    "So who gives a fuck if someone wants to be gay or lesbian, let them be that way, and in peace too. Stop telling them they're being sinful or that's it's wrong, because it's NOT"

    Yes, exactly put there (:!

  20. Who says gays are being 'pandered to'? I don't see that at all, bu if you can come up with some proof, argument or something, I'll listen. But as far as I can see what you are saying isn't correct.

  21. This is OK, if you are working under the assumption that being gay is a sin (whether that is being gay or having gay sex). Take that away and the issue becomes more complex. Again I say, why did God create gay people and then demand the impossible from them ? That is a cruel, not a loving God. I never saw Jesus as a cruel God and I certainly don't see my own God as cruel either.

  22. Interesting sources for these assertions. None of which are from non-biased sources. But forgetting all of that, are you seriously suggesting that the fall of Rome was due to homosexuality? I would point out that during the last days of Rome, was when it was officially a Christian Empire? And that orgies and the like had been going on from year dot in Roman society... and that there is a long time from 27 'BC' to 'AD' 476. The thinking is quite muddled and doesn't do for a good comparison.

  23. Problem that I have with Christianity's view on this in particular is that being gay is a sin that none of you heterosexuals will ever commit, because being heterosexual is normative for you . So you can gleefully tell gays to 'repent' because it seems so obvious and easy. Except you never judge others like this, e.g. over divorce, sex outside of marriage, cohabitation.... what if I said you have to be gay, you have to love as a woman another woman or a man a man, that I gave you NO choice and called it a sin to think or feel otherwise. How would you feel??

  24. Thanks Sam, what a wonderfully protective and loving older brother I've got in you (: x

  25. Hi Sophie,

    Thank you for sharing this with us and your very kind words about me. I'm not sure I did a lot except for argue and be in bitch fights with you. How G-d changes us all eh?! (:

  26. What about Mr Grouse ?

  27. No problem!
    I noticed you mentioned a piano? Do you play and what type? An electric one?

  28. Hi gf,

    Yes I do play the piano, I go through university playing this instrument ...I already have an electric piano in my bedroom and a Yamaha upright in our study room. This is a baby grand piano for the lounge...

  29. I respond to my sister as I always have done, with loving kindness, accepting she is what her creator has made her to be. And that is a good person, with a kind heart & intelligence.

  30. Hey Hannah,

    What are older bros for ??! (:

  31. Oh Fuck off. I couldn't give a shit about your 'sin' and all the other crap you come out with. Gay people in a committed relationship and love is what matters.

  32. Uh... San Francisco has probably the highest property values in the entire US. So no, "gayberhoods" do not have terrible property values, and some of the poorest areas of the US are the rural south where the most socially conservative of churches can be found. As for crime rates, the highest incidence is in low income subsidized housing and slums, which actually tend more towards heterosexuality.

  33. Greeting& welcome Ariel,

    "San Francisco has probably the highest property values in the entire US"

    Quite. Brighton is a well know gay area of the UK, but is considerably rich, area. I personally ignore our resident Christian fundamentalist who likes to be called 'Bible and Truth', a strange moniker, given his/her somewhat tendency to be rather disingenuous with the truth.

  34. Gays fall in love too. And their hearts do break and hurt. Their smiles are the same as yours and mine and they dream the same dreams.


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