Tuesday, 18 February 2014

A Sephardi song - Morena me Ilaman

This is an old Sephardi love poem, put to music. I won't translate, as a literal translation gets lost in English. Enjoy the rhythm of the song; I've include 2 videos as the tunes are slightly different, but I enjoy both.

Morena me llaman,
yo blanca naci,
de pasear, galana,
mi color perdi.

D'aquellas ventanicas,
m'arronjan flechas.
Si son de amores,
Vengan derechas.
Vestido de verde
y de alteli.
Qu'ansi dize la novia
con el chelibi.

Escalerica le hizo
de oro y de marfil.
Para que suba el novio


  1. It's Aunty Esther!

  2. This is Spanish, not Hebrew!

  3. Natasha,

    Your aunty is really sexy then! (:

  4. Good song, David, just what we need over here to cheer us up. Anon- I'm blushing! (:

  5. Well I find both ladies very beautiful! Wonderful looks and excellent singing voices!!God bless the Jews!


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