Monday, 24 February 2014

Fatwa to Mars!

Much to my delight and interest, I read last week that a group of influential Islamic scholars have issued a ruling (Fatwa), regarding space travel in general and colonising Mars in particular. It appears that our friends in the religion of piece have decried the very idea of mankind reaching beyond our small planet and exploring for ourselves the wonder of G-d's created cosmos. No problem! 

Of course one excepts that if us Jews had a hand in colonising the red planet and as Israeli water desalination ,farming,irrigation & taming of the Negev desert shows, we'd make it quickly habitable. 

From this : 
The planet Mars

To this : 

Although I cannot help but think if that ever happened, there would a chorus of leftie liberals in one corner and Jew haters in another, claiming that they were all there 'first' and it is really 'their' land which is 'occupied territory' conned by 'cunning Zionists' or whatever their propaganda comes out with, which would, of course, be after all the hard work has been done....


  1. Well, it is 'plan c' if all else fails... go to Mars, then no one can fathom a rational for Jew hate. Oh wait, see my above comments... ahem.


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