Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Budget day

Well it's budget day today in the UK, so I'm holed up with various business partners and colleagues, having spent the morning zooming around and raiding Sainsbury's for cigars,cigarettes, alcohol and stocking up on as much fuel as I could. Because whatever bull the politicians come up with two things are constant in life- death & taxes. And in the UK tax rises on petrol, alcohol and tobacco.Now hopefully my PA will have set up the TV so we can all watch the    Chutzpah that is the UK budget day, especially as I'm now well stocked on the most crucial of items (ahem!) :

"DK" (I'm warming to that as a nickname).


  1. Atheist Shrugged19 March 2014 at 13:03

    Hah! That Chancellor has added 15% stamp duty on Corporate Property Owner's !! That's you shafted! Guess you'll have to asset strip the west bank instead!

    1. Atheist,

      Stamp duty is payable if you buy a property; I'm aware of London's property bubble, so we've been selling for a while. Touche.


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