Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Clowns who are utterly terrifying : left/liberal steamroller

OK, perhaps I might be guilty of a few little strawmen here, but what do I mean by 'left/liberal ideological steamroller'? When I write about this I mean the types who frequent 'Comment is  Free' on the Guardian, but could also mean liberal democrats, labour politicians and the general world view of the modern elite (Tory party included), often fulled by a militant atheism which automatically sees all religion as 'bad', even as they advocate some atrocious things themselves. At least that's how it is here in Britain. Now we could dismiss  these people as poltroonish clowns, but their policies are equally frightening; besides which the lunatics have taken over the philosophical & governmental  asylum and if religious people 'pick and choose', then we've learned it from this first, as they are the world's worst, at least when it comes to trying to practically work through who might be called a 'liberal' outlook. 

I'll give a few examples of conversions I've had with such people: 

1. As a liberal I believe in freedom of religion... 

-Kosher slaughter is a barbaric treatment of animals and should be banned 

-Male circumcision is child mutilation and should be banned

-Religions shouldn't be involved in politics, keep it at home , but it's OK to be an atheist and put forward a political view on that basis 

-Religions that opposed gay adoption are homophobic and should loose charitable status

- The Church of England needs to 'get with the programme'  re women Bishops despite deciding to vote against it themselves. 

2.  Capital Punishment is state sanctioned murder and therefore wrong...

-Abortion is a  right  of women in any circumstances

-Assisted suicide is right, as people have the right to do what they want with their life 

- Suicide is a right  and if people want to take their life, it is up to them

-I support  euthanasia and living wills 

3.  conservatives are all  far right swivel eyed  and or Nazi type loons...

-Conservatives just don't think rationally about anything 

-Israel is an apartheid state and needs to be boycotted/shouldn't exist 

-Non of the policies of the above were ever considered or implemented by far right states, as I'm rational and the Nazis never argued they did what they did because of rationality.

- Conservatives are homophobic, racist and sexist, it doesn't matter if they introduced same sex marriage, that the fist Jewish , that the first female Prime Ministers were from the conservative fold.

I could go on, but I'd be here all day... isn't the self satisfaction and self- contradictions utter terrifying ? 


  1. Why do people with religion think they have a right to circumcise their children? Because as well as believing that their religion is important, right and proper, they also insist their children believe this too. You can only think like this if you believe your children are your property to do what you want with. Why can't all people with religion just wait and let their children decide what they want to believe when they are adults?. How can a baby be a christian, jew or muslim any more than it can be a conservative, socialist, liberal, hedonist, ascetic or a man united supporter? It is really, really easy to raise children who know the difference between right and wrong, who understand that we are all different and no better or worse than anyone else without insisting they follow your religion. History and the current state of affairs in the world would suggest that it is not so easy to raise your children into tolerant and respectful adults if you insist that by virtue of who they are born to, they follow a particular religious path.

  2. Atheist Shrugged11 March 2014 at 17:37

    If male mutilation of babies at 8 days old is one of the things absolutely vital to Jewish identity, and any attempt to stop any such expression or affirmation or inclusion into Jewish identity is anti-semitic, then yes, wanting to stop such circumcision is anti-semitic. The motivation need not be - I'd think it very rarely is - but the outcome could certainly be said to be so.
    If permanently altering the body of someone, for non-medical reasons - who has not - cannot - consent to the act is an abuse of their right to physical integrity, and as such against human rights, then yes, it seems clear to say such circumcision is against that right.

    1. Reasoned Thought11 March 2014 at 18:33

      Well I am circumcised and I don't feel mutilated. Yes it is part of Jewish identity and religion. So that has always been a problem for anti -Jews. Just because an atheist, like, trolls here and thinks his view is the only view, don't make it right. And human rights has to be in balanced against freedom of religion.

    2. Atheist, as Dave notes your 'tolerance' goes straight out of the window when you have something you don't like. Tough. Jews do circumcise- whether they are Orthodox or not. And yes it is anti-semitic to stop Jews being Jews.

  3. Hi Dad,
    This is exactly how it is like at uni. I'm not racist, but I hate Israel, I'm not anti- semitic, but I think Kosher slaughter should be banned. The hypocritical nature of these things is just beyond parody.

  4. The Church of England does indeed need to move with the times as the national church (unlike Jews who are already doing so via the less fundamentalist reform Judaism). Perhaps the church of England could disestablish itself so that whichever doctrinal or theological rules it chose to follow would be for it and its adherents to follow as is the case with most western christian churches .Surely for a marriage to be recognised as legal the opinion of any religious or political organisation is largely irrelevant .If for instance a Catholic priest got married to either a woman or a man he would no longer be a Catholic priest but he would be married in the eyes of the law .The campaign for equal marriage concerns the states recognition of marriage not the wider moral, philosophical or even cultural issues surrounding it .

  5. Just a note to some of the trolls here, you are wasting your time with such stoopidly vile comments. They won't get published. And be grateful I'm tonight's moderator.

  6. lol! Too right. I see Cranmer has devoted a whole article to Kosher slaughter.


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