Monday, 31 March 2014

Darth Vader to stand to Ukraine elections...

Hi All,

This is somewhat of an amusing  distraction  in the ongoing troubles in Ukraine, via the Guardian, it seems that Darth Vader is standing in the elections there:

The Ukrainian Internet party’s Darth Vader addresses a party congress in Kiev

But could it be any worse than the sith lord of Great Britain, the ever so kind and nice :


  1. Mancurian Womble31 March 2014 at 17:31

    This thug has treated the mentally and physically ill like dirt.

  2. Ecclesiam nulla salus31 March 2014 at 17:54

    Iain Duncan Smith is a true Conservative, who is going the right thing in getting the idle, undeserving poor to get back to work! Typical left wing Jew view of the world..

  3. Peter the Agnostic31 March 2014 at 18:01

    Is this when the dark lord of the sith uses force lightening to get the sick and disabled back to work or the Job centre, for ritual humiliation? And I thought the Kavanagh's were right wing bigots...

  4. What, you prefer the sniveling relativistic thoroughly post-modern Jedi? At least a Sith Lord would know better than to say something as idiotic and self-contradictory as "Only a Sith believes in absolutes."

    Darth Jacobs

    Bringing Order to the Galaxy one System at a time.

  5. Cameron exudes that apparent charm that an Eton education buys in spades, he looks smooth and that plays well with the media and public.

    The fact that Dave appears to have no firm political convictions of his own and, contrary to what his smoothie boy image would suggest, is actually utterly graceless under fire (witness how many times he goes red in the face and resorts to playground taunts in PMQs; I can imagine generations of stiff-upper-lipped Old Etonians who fought in the world wars turning in their graves) as well as appearing to only want to be PM so he can appear in the history books as one of Britain's Prime Ministers makes him acceptable to a public afraid of anyone with real conviction (they never notice the peevishness) and means that any succession, when it comes, will be fairly bloodless. But he'll have to do for the Tories for now, and they know it.

    As for why the Liberal Democrats are going along with it, I believe the salaries and limos are only part of the story. What many people don't appreciate fully enough is that although for many years the LibDems projected the image of being woolly bearded sandal wearers to the left of Labour, this was: (a) because under Blair Labour had moved so far to the right; and (b) because whilst most of the rank-and-file membership of the LibDems are indeed woolly liberal lefties, the party was taken over by red-in-tooth-and-claw free market headbangers, the type of liberal who is 'socially liberal' but economically orthodox. Nick Clegg and David *spit* Laws are the apotheosis of this tendency, the Orange Book crowd. It is actually entirely consistent with their beliefs to punish the poor and weak by attacking the welfare system in the way the psychopath Iain Duncan Smith is currently doing.

  6. The problem with welfare reform is that it is the Tories who are doing it (albeit with the compliance of the lib dems) and are therefore

    1) the objects of hate among the left

    2) are making a complete and utter pig's ear out of the process

    There is a phrase 'only nixon could go to China'. Ergo only the left can implement radical welfare reform? Leave the EU? Outlandish today, but politics is never set in stone.

  7. Peter the Agnostic,

    Politically our family is a 'broad church' as you would say. For me, much of my views stem from my religion, so that will make me right wing on some politics and left/centre on others. Hannah is a tad my 'liberal' centre-left than me (until it comes to Zionism, ahem).

  8. Dodo the Dude for President!

    "Stopped they must be; on this all depends. Only a fully trained Roman Catholic Jedi Knight, with the Force as his ally, will conquer the evil Emperor."

  9. Happy Jack for President!

    The 'Happiness Party' will sweep all before it. Now, Jack just needs a few policies.

  10. London's Willy1 April 2014 at 19:36

    Putin has no interest in breaking up Ukraine and seeing the Western part join NATO. His interest is to keep the Eastern part in there as a brake on the Westward ambitions of Kiev. As for our oïl and gas glut, winter is only eight months away. Tell the Germans with their 35per cent dependence on Russian gas that they don't really need it. In a month world attention will move elsewhere and the sanctions on Russia will quietly fall. If they don't, then look for Moscow to go big with an Iranian alliance and see how Israel feels, and how edgy America gets as it looks at an Iran war. Funny how people seem to think China's lust to recover Siberia is somehow good, but Russia's to recover Crimea (where every Czar holidayed and half their poets lived) was wicked. Putin did it really fast to take advantage of the chaos in Kiev. It was a master stroke, worthy of Bismarck. And it will pay off, as Crimea prospers while Ukraine becomes Greece number 2 under an EU troika.

  11. Atheist Shrugged1 April 2014 at 19:40

    The blog has become shabby of late...One thing is for sure... Putin is no lunatic nor is he currently "overplaying" his hand. He is an incredibly crafty poker player. The troop buildup on Ukraine's borders is for the purpose of intimidating the new Ukrainian government. He wants them to put a declaration of military neutrality (non-joinder to NATO) and protection for the Russian language into the new Constitution. Assuming they do that, there will be no invasion, and, even if they don't, there probably won't be one either. Even as Putin provides exercises for his troops, the USA and EU threaten meaningless sanctions on people who have no western assets to sanction. The concerns of the London financiers makes certain that their big business partners in Russia (most of whom are Putin cronies) continue to be protected.

    The $16 billion IMF loan will fund repayments of Ukrainian debt to those oligarchs and to the West's own corrupt oligarchy on Wall Street and the London financial district. If the new leadership in Kiev had any common sense, they would default on all the bonds, and start from scratch. Raising taxes from 15% up to 25%, and doubling the price of gas is not going to help Ukraine's starving masses.

  12. Anglo-Catholic1 April 2014 at 20:04

    Did anyone watch 'rev' yesterday? The first scene when the rural dean brought in the chart thermometer for the church fundraising & the gay marriage bit. Just like Cranmer !

  13. Hi Carl

    Me? Well the Sith are the ones who can do lightening bolts from their hands. Yoda was cool, though.

    Hi Happy Jack,

    Yes all you need is 'love, love, love'. Clearly not of the JS Mill type, I guess.

    Hi Dodo,


  14. Hi London's Willy/Atheist,

    You guys seem to be getting your scripts from the Kremlin...

  15. Anglo-Catholic,

    I watched a bit of 'rev'. Gosh they are really selling gay marriage in the media. I found it intriguing that the vicar said that the gay couple who he was friends with marriage was valid in the eyes of god, but not the church. So you see it is the church's fault, not god's...

  16. I thought that this was supposed to be a blog about Judaism, not darth vader and Russia!

  17. Lisa,

    See 'about' for what this blog is about.


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