Wednesday, 2 April 2014

The onward March of the feckin' scary PC brigade...

Brother Sam here,

Via  the BBC

The Welsh Assembly wants to BAN the public smoking of 'e cigarettes ' i.e. the device that look like a fag, gives one his nicotine boost, but produces harmless water vapour ?!? Oh for the love of sanity, is there NO  end to the  onward march of politically correct loons????

UPDATE, Friday 4/4/2013, 12.28pm -

Apparently the UK government is going to BAN branded tobacco products. The onward march of a nanny state! Scary, really scary.


  1. Agreed it is shocking Politically Correct lunacy at its most stupid. What's next a booze ban in pubs?

  2. Al,

    Yes, we do live in weird times.

  3. why not ban the eating of burgers, fish and chips and kebabs in public places as it normalises the consumption of unhealthy food. These elected individuals want to control every part of our lives as they are convinced we are to stupid to make our own choices. The welsh assembly have obviously run out of ideas just like the Westminster government. You would think they would have their hands full trying to sort the mess out in the NHS.


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