Monday, 2 June 2014

Dr Who, Part II

Hi All,

As Dr Who is back in August, with a new incarnation .The Doctor, the hero of the show,  is a rebel  Time Lord- a race of beings who have mastered space-time travel,  but are forbidden to interfere in the affairs of the universe,  from the planet Gallifrey.The Doctor describes it here :

                                                                        And here :

The Doctor, like all Time Lords can 'regenerate' into a new body when he dies or is ill and he of course totally rejects the idea of not combating the evil in the universe (having been put on trial twice by his own people for this offence); his biggest enemies are the Daleks (genocidal fascists), Cybermen (Borg get lost) and fellow Time Lord, but opposite , 'the Master' .The Doctor has regenerated  many times so far. Herein is the full list -

And the ones only revealed after last year's 50th anniversary special :

I. The eighth doctor regenerates  into 'the war Doctor' -

II . The War Doctor regenerates  :

 here is the latest regeneration after to introduce the New Who,  as per the winter special :

'A universe without The Doctor Scarcely bears thinking about'


  1. Garnel Ironheart2 June 2014 at 23:55

    Before dissing the Borg:

    I have to say that I am not as big a fan of the new series as the old. I do like it and I'm very happy it was conceived of as a continuation, not a reboot but still consider:
    1) in the original series the classic enemies weren't trotted out every single season, with the exception of the Master during Jon Pertwee's time. Why, the Third Doctor never fought the Cybermen, the Fourth Doctor only encountered the Daleks twice in seven years and the Fifth and Seventh Doctors never met any Sontarans.
    2) The sonic screwdriver was a tool, not a magic wand for getting out of any situation

    Did you know that, had the original Master actor not died it would have been revealed in Pertwee's final season that the Doctor and the Master are, in fact, brothers?

  2. Hi Garnel,

    Ooooh, I'll have to have a look at that. A Star Trek/Dr Who crossover!?

    I prefer the old series. The new version wasn't so bad with Russell Davies, but the Moffatt scripts were just too complicated. And yes, they haven't invented any new real alien menaces, just using the nostalgia of the old series to do it for them. The Daleks were overused and the Master was too crazy last time around .Wouldn't surprise me if he was the Doctor's brother, seemed likely.

  3. Thanks for the clips Hannah.

    The Master as The Doctors brother. Never did see that coming....

  4. Ah it was just a discarded plot line! I'm glad I hadn't missed anything there.


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