Monday, 14 April 2014

Open thread

As we approach Passover week, please feel free to use this thread as an open thread to discuss whatever you want. Serious or semi serious posts will resume next week. And following feedback we will include more religious reflection in forthcoming posts.

Happy Passover!

Chag Sameach!


  1. Has everyone got all the stuff in? Enough Matzos and wine? Can't wait to put on the brisket and finish the deserts for tonight! OOOH a week of Passover, can't wait!

  2. Esther and everyone else, have a good one! Only a few rockets today.

    Of which, before the loons get on here, THE ENTIRETY of Judea and Samaria is clearly Israeli territory legally and historically but far more important it is 100% Israeli territory Morally. Historically by virtue of 1000 years of the Israelite and Judean kingdoms and the Jewish peoples' consistent ongoing relationship. I recommend that you read the first rashi of the Torah and read the book of Genesis and learn about Jewish prayer dating back over 2,500 years. Legally Israel conquered the 'West Bank' after being attacked numerous times but still most important the 'West Bank' is Israeli territory morally and we will continue to advance the Palestinian society in every possible way. If the Palestinians seek peace they will thrive but if they choose bloodshed then both sides will suffer but the Palestinians will unfortunately suffer more as what occurred in Intifada 2.

  3. Whenever there is a vite in the UN to reign in Israeli barbarism, often there are only two votes against, Israel and the USA. but since the US ALWAYS uses it's veto, nothing happens. Of course you routinely get gutless governments like those of Britain that abstain.

  4. Happy Passover!

  5. Why do Jews refuse to celebrate Easter and their own Messiah? I believe someone suggested it was because of satan's deception ? Also why do Jews hate the Christian so much?

  6. Hi Esther/David/Hannah & everyone else,

    Happy Passover!


  7. Samuel Kavanagh14 April 2014 at 10:20

    Have a good one all!

  8. Have a great Passover my darlings!

  9. @ Sholmo ,

    The major difference between the Israeli side and the Palestinian side regarding the two state solution is that Israel is looking to solve the conflict once and for all and the Palestinian side is looking to perpetuate it.

    Since their ultimate goal is one Palestinian state on all the land. For the Palestinian the ideal solution would be to gain as much as land as possible without signing any document stating the end of the conflict, future demands and right of return.

    That is why no matter what Israel would offer chances are the Palestinian leadership would say no, we saw it when Olmert offered them a land 100% the size they asked and was still rejected. Israel should cut the Palestinians out of the negotiations, reach an acceptable agreement with the USA and perhaps the EU and pehaps Egypt and Jordan.

    The Palestinians will get their dream solution a state around the pre 67 lines without having to give up anything in return and Israel will get a signed documents for USA and the EU it is recognized in new borders while give up less than the Palestinians demand on the core issues.

  10. Happy Passover all!

  11. a loyal communicant14 April 2014 at 10:32

    From the spanish newspaper "El Mundo" (March,4 2014)
    the Author: The blgger Sal Emergui
    (quotes from the article)
    "161,000. This is the number of christians in Israel...A minority within a minority.
    The Arab Christian community became news due the significant increase
    of youngsters who decided to serve the Israeli Army,and doing so ,they broke
    the Arab exemption...
    In 2013 ,there was a growth in the number of Arab Christians who decided
    to wear the IDF uniform,or to serve in the alternative community's social service.
    The Arab Israeli priest Gabriel Nadaf is one of the "guilty" in this issue.
    Speaking to the Christians Recruitment Forum he afirmed:
    "We have broken the barriers of fear. Israel deserves our contribution to national security...those who oppose the integration of the Christian community in the State's
    institutions do not behave in the Christian way.
    The Jewish State recognizes and is committed to the necessity of protecting the minorities. No Arab State treats the Christians the way Israel does.The opposite
    is the truth. In Arab States Christians are persecuted and murdered"
    Based on data from the forum,84 Arab Christians were recruited in the second semester of 2013. Today 300 youngsters from the small community are serving
    in the IDF,between them ,Monalisa Abdu.
    That youg Christian from Haifa gave up the authomatic exemption to serve
    in IDF given to Palestinians with Israeli citizenship and made History by
    becoming the first christian officer in a combat unity.
    And she said: "I decided to recruit because I am part of Israel and I believe that
    like the rest of the citizens I have to serve my country"
    This article is published to all these who call Israel a Apartheid State.

  12. @Fritz,

    For the record, I am a Zionist and proud of it and only wish there were some reasonable Palestinian leadership Israel could negotiate with. Peace with a peaceful Palestine would be a dream come true. And yes, I am Jewish and yes I am all those things I get shovelled shit at by ridiculous left wing nuts and anti-semites all the same. It is all the same, all the time. It is boring. To them I say :

    You will never achieve your aims by constantly shifting the blame to someone else's door. You will always lose. You will always lose because you heart can never truly occupy your lies. Look at your own back garden. It is suffering because of your hypocrisy.

  13. Why then is Israel occupaying Palestinian lands, why are Israeli civilians taking lands that belong to the Palestinians?
    Why doesn't Israel presents a peace plan? If it were a good plan and the Palestinians didn't accet it, this would discredit them.

    The Palestinians have experience of 70 years of talks and dealing with the Zionists and with Israel. The Palestinians deceived themselves many times in the past. But not anymore. They know that they cannot achieve anything at all in peace negotiations because Israel doesn't want peace and Israel has the power.

    They still hoped to achieve something through the US and Kerry. They didn't know what Kerry was ready to do for peace, they couldn't know, but they could hope. But meanwhile it became clear that Kerry was deluding himself and that he isn't really ready to do anything at all for peace even if he knows the truth.
    So, the Palestinians are engaged in talks for its own sake. They know that talks don't lead to peace, but they know that the US and Obama have an interest in talks and they try to get some advantages of that.

    That's why peace isn't the theme of those talks. They know that Israel doesn't want peace. But Israel wants the talks and the Palestinians can get some minor concessions from that. As to a peace plan, the position of the Palestinians is well known. They are even ready to make many concessions. If Israel wanted peace, it would take 5 minutes to achieve it because the Palestinians would accept even a bad or deficient offer.

  14. @ Sholmo,

    Zionists are racists. The UN says so.

  15. Esther,

    Thanks for setting up this thread.

    Happy Paassover one and all!

    A few bits and bobs left to do...

  16. Samuel Kavanagh14 April 2014 at 11:32

    Ed Davey: World’s Climate Is ‘On A Precipice’

    World’s Climate change scam Is ‘On A Precipice’ would be a more accurate statement


  17. It’s a great shame that in a country which is crying out for a decent opposition to the government we are saddled with this clown Miliband. It matters not whether you agree with the opposition’s policies but it’s highly important that we have an effective one. Quite rightly Ukip are on the rise because there appears to be no other hope.

  18. Have a great passover.

  19. Have a joyful and reflective Passover.

  20. Atheist Shrugged15 April 2014 at 09:04

    There can be no happy passover, happy jack, whilst Palestine is under the yoke of occupation.

  21. Janet Hoo -Good Yeng15 April 2014 at 10:10

    How about an article on the efforts Russia, Iran and China are making NOT to trade their good (mainly commodities for the former) in US Dollars. The treaty was signed and they will find further allies in this task. The last two instances where such a move was made, both countries suddenly found themselves in wars (Iraq, Lybia) even sudden spontaneous outbreaks of civil war

    Looks to me as if a combination of these powers can actually topple the US Dollar from its world currency status, which may take some time. The US can continue to issue debt that everyone else pays for, but in the meantime about 700 trillion in Dollar priced derivatives (commodities) are unwinding mainly held by US banks - looks to me as this is the actual front line

  22. No to EU serfdom15 April 2014 at 18:33

    Quelle surprise! What the establishment haven't yet realised is that public opinion has moved on, UKIP has won the argument here, and in the EU other parties are winning over there too.
    Keep up the pressure - vote UKIP!

  23. Are you suggesting that I swear? Fuck off!

  24. Dear Mr Kavanagh

    Is there anything in eternity, in the infinity of space and time which you feel would not be illuminated, amplified, clarified, altogether improved, embellished, glorified by you commenting upon it, from out of your arsehole?

    Is there no occasion or event or circumstance about which you are not compelled to comment at insufferable length? Might there ever be something happen in this world without it attracting your observations ?

    If someone was to write OH NO, NOT THAT CUNT AGAIN in letters as big as the Milky Way it would be a poor illustration of the effect you have on sensible people. You are as funny as rectal cancer. You have the insight of a cement mixer, although entirely lacking its utility. You know nothing of any value. You and elegance are estranged. There is better reading on a bus ticket. Nothing you say is witty, informative, provocative, original or scurrilous; nothing you write is worth reading, You are clumsy, cackhanded, plagiaristic, trivial, meaningless, insincere; unredeemed garbage. Even pored-over, analysed, the odd nugget is seen to be stolen from other postings, shabby, second-hand, grubby; you cannot even recycle with any distinction.

    Living with you, even a garden gnome would hurl himself in front of a train, rather than endure one more moment of your endless, infantile commentary. You are an unspeakable cunt. Why don't you just either shut the fuck up or seek psychiatric assistance for your delusion, the one that makes you think the world cannot survive without you being its continuity announcer. Nobody on earth, not even your mother, if you have one, gives a fuck about what you think about anything. Most people would rather gouge their eyes out than read your drivel. You are an almost unassailable argument for shutting down the Internet; single-handedly you undermine the case for freedom of speech.

    The Saviour himself, encountering you on the mountain, would say Fuck me, not this cunt again, does he ever, ever, ever even for a fucking second, shut the fuck up and just be? Or does he think that he spellbinds his betters, enchants his peers and renders reality herself incomplete without his tuppence worth. This is one cunt and a half, lads.

    Do you really imagine that you are so perspicacious, so wise, so seasoned that your turds of wisdom, your barrel scrapings of warmed-up Daily Mail leaders, your worthless sweepings-up are indispensable to the world? Do you think people tune in to Radio Four in the morning and exclaim: I can’t wait to hear what David the fucking Clown thinks about copper smelting in Zambia ; gosh I hope he posts quickly?

    It may be argued in your favour, although I wouldn't, that crass as you are, your heart is in roughly the right place; you head, however, remains, inextricably, cemented up your arse.

    You are unpardonably stupid so, here, for Mr Kavanagh, your very own, easy to understand parable:

    "Omar went to the Master. He said, Master, I have been painting for years and remain unhappy with my work, can you help? Go, said the Master, and do your finest work and bring it to me. Five years later Omar returned with a painting he had slaved over and handed it to the Master, who threw it straight on the fire."

    Look at your posts for something not already better said; its not there. Is this the point of you ? Cover versions?

    If you would speak, first learn silence. Learn some Zen, Shithead. Learn some plumbing.

    With apologies to the Buddha for the worthlessness of incarnations like Mr Kavanagha.

  25. Happy Jack says as this is "an open thread to discuss whatever you want", can he ask who are
    the "Clampetts" someone referred to?


  26. Happy Jack ,Louise and others, thankyou all for your kind Passover wishes!

    'the "Clampetts' is a Danjo witticism. I believe he sees our family as a British version of the Beverly hillbillies. A bit like being called the beudion brady bunch.

    No, I don't think anyone was suggesting that you swear.

    The Goy,

    Best bit of insane trolling yet on this blog. Pathetic, possibly amusing. If this were a student 6th form debating society. Let's keep this one here, I said to myself, as it is shows the kind of rubbish people oft try and put through on here.

  27. @Atheist ,

    We can always rely on you, the self-styled Knight of Hypocrishire, to barf some inane crap.

  28. Aren't you going to argue with Johnny on the Cranmer blog?

  29. It is perfectly acceptable for children to be fed vegetarian food. Then their parents can give them Halal or Kosher when they get home, although I believe that should be banned too for its inherent cruelty.
    It is an appalling endorsement of cruelty for any public institution to serve up meat from an animal that was not stunned before being butchered.

  30. No to EU serfdom16 April 2014 at 12:06

    The Germans are fine engineers. Unfortunately, they are (largely) economically illiterate. They do not understand that it is impossible for everyone to run a current account surplus. Because they do not understand this, they are wilfully blind to the credit rating of the people to whom they lend their surplus capital. To help them be wilfully blind, they helped construct EMU. They are therefore even more wilfully blind to the failings of EMU.
    Then there is the mountain of derivative trades being run by one of Germany's best known banks (the one you might be excused for thinking was the German central bank and the only one to compete with other global investment banks). What are the German people going to think when they realise that their hard-earned savings have been squandered by such institutions? The last time they blamed economic failings on minorities in their midst. What will they do next time? I genuinely don't know but I doubt it will be pretty.

  31. David

    Well, how terribly rude of him!

    Jack remembers and enjoyed that programme 'The Beverly Hillbillies'
    So who does Danjo think is Jed and Granny? Not you and Hannah?!


    The 'Bedouin Brady Bunch' is a much better description. Jack does not see it as insulting. Just be careful around camels as they have a tendency to bite ears and also can be very 'windy' too.

    Hope your Passover celebrations are going well. Why do these last several days and what do you all get up to?

  32. Dodo/Happy Jack,

    I never considered Bedouin Brady Bunch to be insulting. As to who Danjo does and does not see us as being, I have no idea. There seems to be quite a lot of this at the moment- Dreadnaught seems to think I'm a toss (er), Johnny Rottenborough can't stand Jews based on the views of the former Bishop of Birmingham etc- All the more reason not to post as frequently as I used to on that blog.

    What do we do during Passover? The main bit is 2 lavish meals (see Hannah's post below)in which we recount the Exodus story, eat, drink wine & sing hymns; our Shabbat this Friday is a special Shabbat, so you could say at least 3 important 'religious' meals. It is also customary to drink a glass of wine every day. We spend time in prayer and Torah study, celebrating with family other festive meals & general holiday activities. We have various Torah readings throughout the week. Today's are :

    Leviticus 22:26–23:44
    Numbers 28:16–25.
    II Kings 23:1–9, 21–25.

    We also have a weekly cycle of Bible study of the Oral and written Torah[ ours is the Seder ha-Mishmarah]:

    Leviticus 19-20
    Ezekiel 31-40
    Daniel 1-3

    As well as the following Psalms for today :

    Psalm 79
    Psalm 80
    Psalm 81
    Psalm 82

    So a lot to read, listen to and debate.I think tonight Hannah and Rachel are coming over for a meal and are going to give us a D'var Torah on one of those readings.

  33. HI Dodo,

    Is that a new body? Now of course I'm funny and amusing. Just because some people can't see that isn't my fault!

    Hi David,

    Yes, just writing it up now!

  34. And here is me watching the 'Jeremy Kyle show'!!!

    *Feels guilty*

  35. Dodo and Happy Jack seem to be getting all muddled up! Forgot to change my avatar picture. Who cares? Everyone knew anyway after a little while.

    David - as HJ said on the 'other' blog, your religion builds community and family identity through recollecting past shared experiences. Does the Shoah get remembered at all at this time?

    Hannah - Dodo is morphing into a Happy Dodo!

  36. Ps

    Hope your d'var Torah goes well.

    As it is written: “Turn it and turn it; for everything is in it” - the infinite interpretive possibilities of Torah.

  37. Happy Jack,

    Yes we do remember the Shoah- officially secular in origin, rather than religious- on 28th April 2014.

  38. Hi Happy Jack,

    Thanks!! I think it went down well. We had a good debate about it. Sometime I might type up my notes and put them up here... and yes family is VERY important to us.

    Hi David,

    I see you've gone into battle at the Cranmer site. Didn't think you were going to respond?

  39. Hannah,

    Yes it did go down well. You managed to communicate at all of our levels, which is very good considering the age range was 3 to 40 something (:


    Watching Jeremy Kyle? To be fair that man has the patience of a saint when it comes to the 'indigenous' benefit taking, multiple partners, I don't know who the baby is, I was on a break so slept with 20 women in a week, type people. Thank God for them, of course, otherwise Great Britain would swamped, swamped I tell you by foreigners (such as ourselves) who don't speaka the English, don't get degrees or better themselves, have no morals and just take, take & take from the natives...


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