Tuesday, 22 April 2014

David Cameron, Christianity, secularists upset & sincerity

A few points on this issue (background here, here and here ) -

1. I don't have a problem with anyone, let alone the PM calling the UK a 'Christian Country', for the same reasons that Stephen Pollard,editor of the Jewish Chronicle, noted during  The World at One Radio 4 show yesterday [see here - 13 minutes in] . The letter was from the usual atheist and secular suspects [less Richard Dawkins- I believe the Telegraph blogs think his is a deep cover Christian?] so can be taken in that light as nothing particularly special.

2. I don't have a problem with Cameron being a Christian or saying Christians need to be bolder and Evangelise (providing they accept they'll get a critical response). Only 2 people know Cameron's true beliefs - himself and the Almighty. We'll leave it to the 2 of them to work this out together.

3. Given that Cameron spearheaded Same Sex Marriage and his government is at some controversy with his own Church over food banks, people will wonder how all of this stacks against his Christian beliefs. Sure people of faith on the political left will emphasise the 'social' aspect of faith, look after the poor etc and people of faith on the political right with emphasise the other 'social' -that is social conservatism, but Cameron seems to have emphasised neither and has therefore opened himself up to an enormous amount of criticism when people try and compare his actions with the belief people think he should hold, according to Christian belief. 

4. Whatever Cameron's beliefs, his people (i.e. advisers and cronies) are clearly inept and should be sacked. I mean for a former PR/spin doctor, man he isn't playing this very well.No sooner had Cameron started to talk about his faith, a story breaks about his constituency office calling the police and preventing the Bishop of Oxford and others from personally giving Cameron a petition on food banks (which the office apparently knew of in advance). I don't know about anyone else, but if the Rabbi comes to your house, then you don't call the police, in fact you welcome him as a guest. Cameron couldn't even play the game of polite politics. It would have taken nothing to receive the petition with good grace and politeness. This sort of thing does make him look insincere in his religion conviction & (unfairly or not) reinforces the attacks from the left.


  1. Cameron has religious conviction ???!

    Hah, hah, hah, hah ,hah!



  2. Why, anyone would think that there is a general election coming up, wouldn't you? But with the Bis of Oxford incident the Tories show their real heartless colours. Gay marriage and the Tory treatment of the poor are enough for me not to vote for them.

  3. Grand Moff Tarkin23 April 2014 at 12:36


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  5. Hi David,

    I'm sure Cameron believes something vaguely Christian. The trouble is it seems his entourage isn't religious at all. Why else would he be trying to get the christian vote one second and the next being so dismissive of the church's teachings on charity and marriage? Also if he'd been speaking to a Jewish delegation to no 10, he'd have probably said he wanted to be Jewish or something (I believe he said to the Knesset his great, great, great grandfather was Jewish?). I know when the Sikhs went to see him he was lauding the religion religion etc, so to me it is the people behind the throne not understanding or seeing the inconsistency here. His advisers are terrible. Cameron is inept for listening to this advice. Miliband is no better and Clegg is a smug wet liberal. UKIP don't stand a chance, the BNP are anti-semitic racist thugs and the Greens are ecological loons.

    Who to vote for???


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