Wednesday, 30 April 2014

I've never known a God like Hashem before ..

never known a God
like Hashem before
Now just like in
a Psalm from days of yore
Even though I'm a Lesbian Jew,
Astrophysicist I should know
God doesn't exist at all
But still God Came a knockin
knockin on
my door
true Torah Jew and all
And I've never
met a God like him before
In a day of listening to Torah
I wanted more
And I praise him
with or without a prayer shawl
Cos now I'm doing
teshuva on the floor
And I've never
known a God like him before
The way God loves me
He doesn't hate my sexuality
I ‘m not talking metaphorically
No way that im talking analogically!
Know that I'm
talkin bout the way I feel
And I'm gonna praise God at the
Shabbat meal
And I've never
know a God like him before
Show fundies the door
Because Torah says love
your brothers and sisters
Some more
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  1. It is an interesting way of communication, using a popular pop song to express religious views...

  2. Great lyrics! Loved the original as well.


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