Tuesday, 22 April 2014


I like to get my notices done and out of the way. So here goes ;

1. You'll see that we've beefed up the 'pages' section, now moved to the right hand side bar, which contain what we think are important posts or points of discussion, so feel free to comment on these as there isn't a 'time limit' on them before posting gets disabled.

2. I see, via my e-mail tray,  that the 'blog roll' has upset one or two individuals, for linking to atheist & Christian sites (I will add to these on recommendation and as I encounter people online). Now quite simply, I couldn't  give a shit about what people think about the blog choice of I, Hannah & Esther,  because what we wish to read and link to is OUR business and no-one else's. If you disagree, get your own blog. They are free and easy to set up. You will see that some of the blogs are atheist, others Christian, others Jewish (of various hues). I make no apology for this, because when I read a blog I'm interested in the content of what is being said, not the tribal affiliation of the author; having interesting comments is also a plus factor.  The reality is that if one is to take seriously and literally  the[ Orthodox ]Jewish message of Jews being chosen and a light to the nations, one cannot do this if one is in a self imposed ghetto of his own making!!

3. I like to wear a black hat, it is simple as that. Just because Wiki tells you that Haredi Jews wear hats and I'm Sephardi doesn't mean that Sephardi can't wear nice black hats. If you want a stereotype blog that is like the PR room of a big corp, forget this blog. You're better off with one of the big popular Jewish sites,  such as Aish.com,not mine. Also please don't tell me, on my own blog, whether or not I should be posting on this particular day or that day. I've already checked much of this out, so stop being a wannabee Posek/Rabbi for me.



  1. Samuel Kavanagh22 April 2014 at 11:37

    Hey Dude,

    That's quite a rant. Are you feeling ok??


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