Saturday, 17 May 2014

Fantastic Shabbos

Hi All,

Had a great Shabbos! Will write about it at leisure later on. In the meantime as Esther noted on Friday, we are going to post on the weekly parashah [Torah portion] & Bible readings for study. For those who wish to read up before we post on them, these were -

11th May 2014 to 17th May 2014
  • Torah- Leviticus 26-27
  • Haftarah-Jeremiah 16:19–17:14 &Ezekiel 47-end
  • Psalms - 60 to 87
  • Ketuvim-Daniel 9 -12
  • Mishnah-Arakhin
As the Jewish week begins on a Sunday, the  parashah for this week are -

18th May 2014 to 24th May 2014
  • Torah- Numbers 1 - 4 
  • Haftarah-Hosea 2:1–22 & Isaiah 1-5
  • Psalms - 88  to 118
  • Ketuvim-Ezra 1-5
  • Mishnah-Makhshirin

Question- if you are a person of faith, how do you structure/read/use your holy books for study &/or  public worship ?


  1. I enjoyed it as well, great to meet Sarah today. Nice girl, I'm pleased for you.

  2. Oh and looking forward to writing & reading D'var Torah's next week. Should be fun, entertaining and interesting.

  3. Hi David

    Yes we had a fab time. Thanks for being such a wonderful big bro (: x

  4. Yep, it'll be fund. Oh I really do enjoy reading Torah, it's challenges, it's beauty, it's history, it's law, it's poetry, it's inspiration & its divinity.

  5. Anglicans have the lectionary and common worship, the book of common prayer & celebrating common prayer -a version of 'the office'. Hope that helps.

  6. Sophie ,

    Thanks for that. Is that what you used to study the new testament then? Do you guys debate it communally ?


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