Monday, 26 May 2014

What Francis should have prayed at the security wall

Hi All, 

Whilst Pope Francis has made some good gestures on LGBTQ issues, he is clearly biased against Israel.

Pope Francis was in error in his visit and political interfering in middle eastern politics, especially his decision to visit the security wall. But if only the pope had prayed something like this -
"Thank God Israel has got the security wall, that protects Israeli citizens from being murdered by terrorist suicide bombers, because this, dear lord ,is unacceptable and I apologise to you Jesus, as a Jew, that my Church has for centuries persecuted your people in the name of my religion; that boycotts of Israel is nothing other than an evil and wicked thing to do and that whilst we all want peace in the holy land. this can't be achieved when terrorists are throwing bombs on a daily basis toward Israel, may Israel be blessed and loved as you love her. Let us all say, Amen".

UPDATE - Readers will note that this humble prayer of peace, was 'moderated' on the DT blogs, with only the top sentence being allowed to remain in comments.

It's not that bad!!


  1. Hannah,

    I doubt even if this pope would get away with that...

  2. Well, I suppose than a man can believe that he has a direct line to God, or his once human and Jewish son, is capable of believing that a state that does not exist does, and has a President, who even his own people say do not represent him.

    Meanwhile, I understand the Palestinians are trying to make sure that no-one remembers that Jesus was actually the Jewish Yehoshua, son of Yosef and Miriam, and are reincarnating him for the second time, this time as a Palestinian. After all, they claim Abraham was the first Muslim ....

    Francis seems to be a breath of fresh air for the Catholics,m but if he starts meddling in ME politics he will soon find has has picked up a tar baby he will not too easily free himself of.

  3. It's very easy to say a plague on all their houses.

    It seems that the hope for justice in the Middle East rests with a two state solution. It is religious and political zealots on all sides which stop this, and I don't se that a high profile visit from another religious person will achieve anything positive. This isn't a problem that requires more religion.

  4. I liked Dovie's alternative on his blog.

  5. Yeah, love reading DB; he's got a lot of fab qualities & is very witty !

  6. When your opponents wish to wipe U off the map, it is somewhat hard to want to come to peace terms or a treaty. But it's always Israel's fault, of course, never the Pals!

  7. Hi Ziva,

    Thanks for sharing that view. I've just been reading up about this matter. I always though Jesus would have spoken American !

  8. How come you never comment there then?

  9. Heh, I read Dovie as well, but don't tell him. Besides which, you are more than capable of sparring with him on your own.

  10. I think that this would have been deemed too 'anti- catholic' by Damian Thompson or perhaps too militant in its defence of Israel. Who knows, but I wouldn't disagree with the sentiments behind it.


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