Monday, 12 May 2014

Great Britain is not a bad old place...

The  Cons and Pros for this Jew living in Britain : 

The cons -

1/ The Israeli as  apartheid smear, which is factually untrue

2/ The ludicrous boycott of Israel brigade, who've forgotten their history of Jews and boycotts

3/The attempts to arrest, in Britain, Israeli politicians for 'war crimes'

4/ The increasing anti -Israeli (& like 'mission creep', anti -Jewish) attitude, such as one of these 'boycott Israel' weeks (yes a whole bloody week) at our daughter's university.

5/ The apparently changing attitudes among some in the established C of E, which is taking a more hostile approach to Israel, but forgetting the atrocities against Christians in Syria.

6/ The hysterical reactions of the far left atheists in respect of demonising  Kosher slaughter and male circumcision.

The Pros -

1/The UK is a fine place to live, most people are pretty decent and like Jews & are supportive of Israel 

2/ Jews are allowed to live in freedom and practise our  faith in liberty 

3/ Our family was welcome in the UK, the British are quite tolerant our family were able to rebuild our lives after the ethnic cleansing of Jews from Iraq.

4/ Alas, whilst  there are people who have particularly strong views on Israel,  but they  are a vocal minority and who have different reasons for attacking Israel, such as the far left, the far right & sections of the Islamic community. No excuse for not challenging these views, but it would be wrong to think Britain is in the grip of an anti-Semitic epidemic. 

5/We've contributed a lot to British society over 350 years & continue to do so (e.g. the head of the supreme court, the speaker of the House of Commons & the leader of the opposition are all Jewish, along with major contributions in arts, science, entertainment etc).

6/Our cooking has lightening up Britain 


  1. Nice one- especially noting that the Israel haters are a small vocal minority, who make it out as if their word is gospel and it is what the public really think.

  2. Well put- it is the minority who are hateful toward Israel and an even smaller anti-Jew brigade who are spiteful toward Jews.

  3. I agree; it is only the far left of the Guardian, the far right and certain mad mullahs who have a problem with Jews in the UK. The thing is not many people know a lot about Judaism, so Jews need to be equipped to educated others about ourselves. I get this being in Somerset- yesterday someone though I was from Cyrus when I said I was Orthodox -wrong Orthodox I guess (:


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