Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Reichstag Elections -latest

Via UK Polling Report, on this Thursday's Reichstag European Parliament election -

ComRes Final Euro poll (% of vote)– CON 20, LAB 27, LD 7, UKIP 33, GRN 6

As this is done on a PR basis (unlike the nationals), this will translate into a hefty win for the Kippers, a thorough thrashing for the Cons & the Lib Dems face meltdown (good). As an added bonus the BNP will be hurled in welcome electoral oblivion(yes!, yes! yes!). Plus the fact the Labour Party will do well enough for them to keep Miliband on as leader, so he can help them loose the 2015 general election. Alas the Greens & the SNP, look like they will be in strong position, but you can't have everything you want in life. 

Put the Champagne on ice, keep the faith true believers.

The fog on the Tyne is all mine, all mine. 

PS- My brother is going to write a critical article on UKIP. Now when Sam gets a bee in his bonet, there's no stopping him. He'll rant and swear. So you have been warned. 

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  1. I bet if that happened in the GE, then we'd still have a Labour government at the end of it. The system seems to be fixed to let them get more seats than the other parties, but with a much lower % of the vote. I wonder if we should actually move to a proportional system?


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