Sunday, 18 May 2014

The BNP Youth - "heartless Zionists" and "militant homosexuals" are to blame for Britain's ills

If it is one political party I detest it is the so called 'British National Party' or BNP. For  those of  our readership outside of the UK, they are nothing more than thugs of the traditional far right (& have 2 MEP's). Last week, their 'youth wing'  released this video (I'm not going to link via YouTube as I refuse to give such an odious polity, which makes me sick, a visible platform on my blog).As my helpful guide of anti-semitism & anti-zionism showed [here], Jew haters will often camouflage their racism with the term 'anti-zionism' but it pretty much one and the same thing, although nowadays they will often attack Islam and ignore Jews (at least in propaganda), but in this video the mask  has slipped. We see the full vent of their  bigotry, angst and anger against society, whose ills are the fault of the following groups  - 
  • "militant homosexuals"
  • "cultural marxists", 
  • "banksters", 
  • "heartless Zionists",
  • "capitalists"
  • " the media", 
  • "UK immigration policy" 
. As Jake Wallis Simons of the Daily Telegraph noted* -
"Earlier this week, BNP Youth released a campaign video entitled Fight Back (above). It is in equal part worrying and comical. Beginning with music that evokes a Death Star fascist aesthetic, it is presented by a handful of (white) teenagers, all of whom look awkward, pimply, nerdy and gauche – the sort of kids who would be stalwart members of the Dungeons and Dragons society if they hadn't been quite so politically aware. And the message they promote, which targets "militant homosexuals", "cultural marxists", bankers, "heartless Zionists", the media, UK immigration policy and (bizarrely) Doreen Lawrence, comes across as little more than unreconstructed fascism."
Thankfully according to the latest polls, this party is heading toward welcome oblivion. But we must always be on guard against such bigotry. I only hope that UKIP isn't anything other than a more 'respectable'  outlet for such radical views, especially after the Farrage meltdown on Friday. 

Time will tell. 

It always does.

* Hannah made a brief skirmish into the comments. She was too nice with the BNP supporters on Jake's blog.

Where is your 'inner bitch' Hannah? 


  1. Yeah, it was an experience.

    "Hannah where is your inner bitch"... oh she comes out from time to time!! (:

  2. Your list of the guilty should also include capitalists. That's the part the puts the Socialist in National Socialist. I have always been somewhat confused about what it is that puts the Nazis on the 'right.'. It seems the Left that located them 'on the right' and that for tactical reasons. Anyways. It was kind of humorous to hear complaints about the 'dumbing down' of the education system in that video. Here, let's look at Exhibit A.

    What the BNP lacks is a dynamic leader and a sustained deep economic crisis. Then watch out. The most dangerous animal is a self-entitled man who doesn't have what he wants, and needs someone to blame for his deprivation. Unless he has a moral center to limit the reach of his behavior, he is capable of almost anything. And where is the moral center of secularized self-indulgent Europe?

  3. Really? Never seen that happen before Hannah, ahem.

  4. Carl,

    A good question re the left/right business... I haven't got a clue, because as the video makes the BNP combines racially motivated politics, with left wing politics- there is a bit toward the end about the government controlling industry etc (as my uncle used to say 'Bolshevism run mad'). And for what it's worth I'd identify communism as equally evil as national socialism (which is why it was right to "fight" the Cold War).

    And -

    "What the BNP lacks is a dynamic leader and a sustained deep economic crisis. Then watch out. The most dangerous animal is a self-entitled man who doesn't have what he wants, and needs someone to blame for his deprivation. Unless he has a moral center to limit the reach of his behavior, he is capable of almost anything. And where is the moral center of secularized self-indulgent Europe?"

    Yes I appreciate what you are alluding to here. Another Hitler perchance who will come to power that way ? I hope not, I really hope not. It could happen in Europe, which has gone mad in its policy responses to the Euro. That WILL end in tears and to that extent UKIP are quite right. Interesting article by Ambrose Evans Pritchard of the Telegraph regarding Italy & Tim Geithener's book about it. As for Britain. It didn't happen last time, however, that was because the conservative party was, well, united and broadly popular. There was no credible alternative -at that point- in labour the liberals were a busted flush and Mosley's movement (he was a charismatic figure )didn't get very far. Today we have the prospect of the UK falling apart in September.

    Oy, I suddenly feel a wave of depression. Which is strange as the sun is blistering today. I was feeling cheerful & had donned my Panama & white suite . I guess a potential BBQ might change my mood- it is a minor festival today-so I do have an excuse...

  5. The BNP; help us prevent the genocide of the indigenous peoples of Britain!

  6. Hannah i noticed on the DT you've failed to answer why you support a Jewish state, but refuse to support an Aryan state. You call an Aryan state 'racist', but you a fucking hypocrite because you can't see that Israel is also a racist state for wanting to be Jewish.

  7. Carl Jacobs,

    See video below - Nick gives it to those corrupt socialist bastards who are intent on a new European genocide of the white European race. The BNP isn't left wing. As this video shows, the Zionists and socialists- liberal hate having their rocks overturned and the light exposed on them because then they have to find another rock to scuttle under.

  8. Anon

    Has leader of the BNP decided yet whether he thinks there was a previous Genocide that required a previous set of Nuremburg trials?

    Or is he still denying it?


  9. No idea what Hannah will say, but the problem is there is no such thing as the Ayran race, except perhaps in Hitler's dead head. But there is such a thing as the Jewish nation or people. There are British people and they have a homeland could Great Britain, made up of 4 races - English, Welsh, Scottish, Irish as well as many other minorities such as Jews, Muslims, Hindus- all of whom have contributed to our country and help build it into a better place.

  10. Sweeping statement which means zip

  11. As a blue eyed, blonde haired bloke of the indigenous peoples of Britain, I'd suggest that the British should limit abortions, have more sex & larger families. That'd solve the problem nicely.

  12. Now that is rubbish!

  13. Yeah I know dues, whatever have the Jews ever done for GB? :

  14. Anon

    Technically, the Jews aren't a race because one can convert to Judaism. So if a racially pure Ayran (whatever that is) converts, does his new religion invalidate his gene pool?

    I love making BNP heads explode.


  15. Atheist Shrugged18 May 2014 at 18:07

    Carl Jacobs ,
    So if the Jews are not a race, then the Zionists have no right to the land of Israel and are nothing other than imperialist Pieds-Noirs racist scumbags ! At least the BNP doesn't pretend otherwise. But then this is the evil that religion does in the world.

  16. Anon,

    I. There isn't a group or race called 'Aryans' so the idea is balls from the start. It is like asking about a hypothetical 'martian' state on mars.

    II.Jews are Bnai Yiśraʾel , children of Israel. What defines us as Jews is that we are all brothers and sisters of a single nation with a common ancestry. Consisting of the children of Abraham Isaac, Jacob, Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel and Leah, we all have a common ancestry, a common history and a common destiny. We are a covenantal community, bound by a divine covenant between our forebears and G-d, a covenant which is forever binding on each and every Jew from now until the end of time.

    When people think of race, this has often been distorted by 19th and 20th Century notions, especially via the Nazis regime, toward Jews. We are indeed of many different races, but that is no different to, say, in America which is composed of different races[ as we've noted on a few threads we are Sephardim, but there are also Azkenazi & a group called Beta Israel or Ethiopian Jews, I've also known a few Chinese Jews in my time], but which shares the same citizenship, thus Jews can be from various racial background and do accept converts to our nation, our family if you will. This also includes converts such as my 2nd wife (of Welsh/Indian African heritage) .. in the Jewish belief they are as Jewish as our teacher Moses. The Torah forbids Jews by birth for ever treating a convert as anything less than fully Jewish or as a stranger, that they wish to join a people ‘so scored, oppressed, humiliated, and made to suffer’ (Yevamot 47a-b).

    I trust that this clarifid

  17. Atheist Shrugged

    So if the Jews are not a race, then the Zionists have no right to the land of Israel

    If it wouldn't be too much trouble, could you connect the dots between the 'if' clause and the 'then' clause. Because it looks like a huge non-sequitur to me.

    Who exactly does the land of Israel belong to? The Ottoman Empire? It doesn't exist anymore. The British who held the Mandate? They gave it up. All the other Arab nations formed by European power after World War I? No, they lost their war of conquest in 1948. The absentee Arab land owners who were quite happy to sell useless land in Palestine to a bunch of foolish Jews? No, the don't have title. The Palestinians? And when did they come into existence such that they could claim title?

    The Jews? Hrmmm. They immigrated to a largely uninhabited undeveloped section of the Middle East, developed it, and were given legal control over it by the same authority that established Jordan and Syria and Lebanon and Iraq and the other Arab states. They fought to keep it when they were attacked and won. What exactly is missing in the Israeli claim to the land?


  18. Looks like David added 'capitalists' to the list

  19. I posted this on the DT thread -
    As for the Jewish people, we are a global nation, a family.. we are the Children of Israel, we all have a common ancestry, a common history and a common destiny, but we are of many difference races & cultures and anyone who sincerely wishes to join our family can do so via conversion. We have a binding, everlasting, covenant with God, and the land of Israel is the land that God has given to us. Even those Jews who do not believe in him are still Jews; Hashem still believes in them.[Genesis 17, 3-8 & Exodus 3, 3-6].

    We, the children of Israel, have a shared 4,000 year 'ourstory', we are music makers, poets, writers, philosophers, scientists, engineers, teachers, doctors, nurses and of many other backgrounds, who have given the world so much & received little in return, a nation 'so scored, oppressed, humiliated, and made to suffer’ (Yevamot 47a-b) .

    We have know great joy, but great sadness, great light and great darkness, we have shed tears of joy and tears of laughter. We have been scorned, mocked, slaughtered and beaten. We are still here. We are the Children of Israel. We have HaTikvah. We have hope.

  20. Garnel Ironheart19 May 2014 at 18:16

    I resent that Dungeons and Dragons reference. I played D&D and didn't meet any fascists.

  21. Anon, What are you on about? Are you seriously taking this clown seriously?

  22. Ah, Garnel, I was merely quoting from another source there. I can't comment on what a D&D lookalike would look like. We're all geeks here anyway.


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