Thursday, 22 May 2014

Sunshine Across Israel

Go, Israel, you're beautiful !!


  1. Eh ? Black gospel choir in Israel?

  2. Anon,

    Google 'Beta Israel' or Ethiopian Jews- another brilliant part of our diverse Jewish family :)

  3. Great video, Hannah. Where do you find these ?

  4. Wow! Hot Jewish babe alert overdrive !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (:

  5. Atheist Shrugged24 May 2014 at 08:13

    I`m really pleased that pressure is being brought to bear upon Israel, because the behaviour of their government is nothing short of shameful. I`ve almost given up trying to post news reported elsewhere on this website, because it`s an exercise in futility mostly, and it would be interesting to know exactly why that`s the case...

    Even now, I find myself self censoring, and it`s frankly retarded. I`m not anti-Semitic, nor am I pro Muslim. I am just an ordinary man that follows news around this world, seeks all sides of a story, and tries to look forwards rather than always backwards.
    I know Western countries are not likely to withdraw foreign aid to Israel any time soon, but it`s high time it had some extremely robust conditions attached.

    Israel`s flagrant ignorance of International Law has got to stop.
    If this were happening in another region of the world, the sanctions would already be active, and the threat of military intervention would be real. and valid.

    I think we all understand many of the complexities of this Palestinian conflict, and there are no blameless sides to it, but it has truly become an apartheid situation, and we are absolutely complicit in it. There are many signs of encouragement around the world at the moment. From hearing Gerald Kaufman`s honest words here at home in Britain, to reading about the increasing campaign across US universities to boycott.

    Israel has become a rogue State, and the International community needs to start condemning their behaviour with every tool in their arsenal. We should not be financing criminal behaviourIf not for the blind support by the United States, Israel would be considered one of the planet’s most undesirable states. Israel has disregarded more U.N. Security Council resolutions that sanction its behaviour than any other state. But with U.S. protection, these resolutions come without any pressure — no sanctions, no retribution, and certainly no threat of humanitarian intervention.

    The U.N. Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in the Palestinian Territories, Richard Falk writes in his December 2013 report that Israeli policy amounts to “segregation and apartheid,” including “continuing excessive use of force by Israeli security forces,” extra-judicial killings that “are part of acts carried out in order to maintain dominance over Palestinians” and a blockade of the Palestinian economy by the use of checkpoints and walls. The most striking part of Mr. Falk’s report is his assertion that Israel is conducting “ethnic cleansing” in the region. “The combined effect of the measures designed to ensure security for Israeli citizens, to facilitate and expand settlements, and it would appear, to annex land,” he writes, “is hafrada (the Hebrew word for separation), discrimination and systematic oppression of, and domination over, the Palestinian people.”

  6. "Even now, I find myself self censoring"

    ROFL - if this is you "self censoring", then I dread to think what you are like uncensored....

  7. I didn't get past the vid at 0.22 with the babes in the bikinis ! Jesus,Jewish women are hot !

  8. Men, only ever thinking about ONE thing! LOL!

  9. Yeah bud. Reminds me of last time we were in Israel!


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