Sunday, 25 May 2014

In defence of Ed Miliband

I disagree with almost every single socialist policy that Ed Miliband comes out with and his politics. But I think it wrong for the press and blogsphere to make fun or make remarks regarding his attempts to eat a bacon butty during the recent European elections.  Yes Mr Miliband may be disastrously wrong in his socialism, he may come up with gaffs about being the first Jewish Prime Minister,  be a secular to atheist  Jew, but he is, according to Halakha [Jewish law], as Jewish as our teacher Moses. I am not really surprised therefore that he would have an issue with eating pork, however secular a Jew he may be .

I Daven every day, that our secular/atheist Jewish brothers and sisters will come to know Hashem more and embrace our Holy Torah once again.

But what idiot put him up to eating a bacon butty on an election campaign, with predictable results and why do people feel the need to take the piss ? I won't vote for Ed, but he has every right to not want to do stunts like this with the inevitable happening-


  1. Hi David,

    I agree it was horrible to watch. Just awful. What silly guys thought of this?

  2. I dunno, but it was clearly a gaffe via his policy aides....

  3. It's painful and humiliating to watch. I wish we could get to discussing the issues in British politics than people in the media gloating our pics like this one.

  4. David,

    I read this in my favorite publication, the metro. I agree; humiliating Miliband because of this is just wrong. Let's discuss policy, not personality. And I agree with you over davening for Jews to return to the fold. Superb.


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