Sunday, 20 July 2014

More on Dr Who...


Sam here !

This is the first full length clip of the new WHO series :

So what have we got : 

1. Daleks (do they HAVE to appear in every series?)
2. A T-Rex outside the Houses of Parliament
3. An strange looking alien
4. Jenna Lou Coleman (who is as hot as ever!)
5. The Sirulian 'Lesbian'   (I think we established she was going out with her maid or was it innuendo Whoists will be able to tell me ?)
6. Some robot thing
7. The Doctor running around on a horse in a night dress
8. TARDIS blowing up...

Also is it me or does it sound as if they've decided to tone down Calpaldi's Scottish accent? They haven't done a Tenant and made him go all Essex, but it doesn't seem as broad as when he first appeared last year ?


  1. Looks good, but to be honest, I prefer the original series. OK, the sets were wobbly and the special effects crap. But the stories seemed better to me!!

  2. Sounds like a normal season of WHO then! Quite why it is the daleks all the time, I dunno. It can be a bit boring when they do that.

    Oh and yes I'm pretty sure that Madame Vastra, Jenny Flint are in a relationship (:

  3. Great; now I know what Peter and the boys will be watching on 24th August on the Iplayer ! (:

  4. Seriously I like Dr Who, but my husband is a bit of a who fanatic! E.g. he has every single novelisation of the old programme, a dr who chess set and a signed picture of Tom Baker ....Oh and I have knitted him a full length multi coloured scalf; he's already got the trilby via being Jewish...

  5. Jenna Lou Coleman is one big reason to watch the show !


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