Sunday, 27 July 2014

Ed Miliband: "We oppose the Israeli incursion into Gaza"

David here,

If there is any doubt as to whether or not I would ever vote for Labour or its leader Miliband,at the next general election, it has been removed following Miliband's decision to oppose Israel's military intervention in Gaza . At least Prime Minister Cameron has been as supportive, very supportive as he can be given the notorious pro-Arab Foreign Office Britain has always had . Why Miliband does this is unclear : what is the point about boasting (albeit incorrectly) that he would be 'the fist Jewish Prime Minister', when he decides to sock Israel in the balls during this most testing of times, that is war?  What is the point of him praising Israel and gushing about it when he comes up with statements like this, which are clearly pandering to the Islamic vote in the UK? 

So OK Miliband, before  you go criticising Israel,  answer these questions.

Explosive warheads are raining down on Birmingham.

Do you :
A. Get the British army to shoot back at the enemy positions
B.Seek out and destroy all the launch sites and the factories and warehouses where these rockets are being made and stored.
C.  Mobilise the full force of the British defence forces against this terrorism

Or  :
D. Show up at Birmingham with a white shirt that you're waving around like a white flag ( the favourite colour of the left) and demand everyone to stop it, because you might get to be a Prime Minister
E. Have a group hug with your supporters and pray for peace.
F. Roll over and go back to sleep & join the UN in calling Britain, which is defending itself against terrorism as being guilty of war crimes.


  1. Miliband is a cock. And he changes his mind. One minute he is praising Israel and saying how proud he is of being Jewish, the next he is condeming Israel because of getting votes. That's the only explanation I've got. But what comes turns around, comes around. Look at the recent awkward meeting between him and Obama. I get Barry hasn't forgotten Miliband stabbing him in the back over Syria. Again another example of playing to popular opinion, without thinking about strategic friendships etc that he'll have to build if he were PM.

  2. To be honest, I'd never vote Labour or Miliband. I disagree with socialist policies and Miliband just isn't up to the job of being PM. That he is likely to do so and on the back of Scottish votes (what happens if they vote to go out of the UK?) is a travesty of the electoral system.

  3. If rockets were landing in Oxford street daily maiming innocent UK children (often forgotten in the reporting that this is what Israel faces), then Millipede couldn't move fast enough to take action. On second thoughts, actually, maybe he wouldn't. Maybe Prime Minster Millipede would go on the TV and announce to the nation that stopping the daily murder of UK citizens "would make things worse" and that "no action should be taken".

  4. Millibard is a pathetic weasel, I feel like throwing up when I look at him and hear him speak. He is the genuine coward and thinks he can make people like him for making so called clever comments. If he fought in the First World War, he would have been shot for desertion. God forbid he should ever be the leader of this country, we would not be safe. At least D Cameron is a man of strength, vision and is a superb leader for this country.

  5. Let us suppose Scotland became independent. Russia and Iran started supplying the Scots with weapons and they start attacking over the border because we stop trading. We then build a wall, so they start digging tunnels and shooting missiles from hospitals, schools and churches. What would you do Mr Milliband. Stay on your side of the border and shout or take out the missile launchers then go in with troops to seize their military equipment. The more supplies start to arrive, you then blockade the country only allowing food, medicines and thngs that cannot be used as weapons. Figure it out Mr Milliband. It's very simple, just like you.

  6. Atheist Shrugged27 July 2014 at 12:59

    I never thought that I would ever agree with Miliband, but I do on this one. He is right.If Mr Miliband is a PM he would not be saying this; we don't have an independent foreign policy; he would have to agree with the Americans.

  7. Shame on this champagne socialist!!!

  8. What about Tony bloody Blair ? Throwing a party for his Mrs when he is the middle east peace envoy.How on earth did this man ever get appointed Middle East envoy,considering what he has done. It should be appointed to someone who really cares..maybe Bill Clinton..just a thought!

  9. The Blair/Brown Governments destroyed this Country, but what does Blair care, a huge salary, a huge Country pile, a huge pension waiting. Champagne socialist. Odious man, and a traitor to Britain

  10. I suppose this is no more complicated than "Hey, Muslims! Vote for me!"

    Interesting comments from Netanyahu about Israel not surrendering security control of the West Bank. The whole 'two state solution' founders on the selfsame reef every time. Assume you gave Hamas control of the West Bank. Whom do you think they would immediately establish on that land overlooking every major population center and strategic target in Israel? Certainty they would conclude a treaty with some foreign power to balance the IDF. Plus an endless supply of guerillas. No Israeli government could tolerate that.

    There is no Two state solution. There is the sovereign state of Israel and some form of Palestinian autonomy. That's the best the Palestinians could ever get. There is however a obvious One State solution - which Palestinuans refer t

  11. Carl,

    Finally someone who has a brain about these things ! I agree with you in so much as I'm convinced that 2 states are not possible and that Israel should annex gaza, west bank & the golan. A one state solution with Israel as the country. Busy today, but will elaborate further later.

  12. Interesting comments there Carl. To be honest the more I think about it, the more it seems a two state solution won't happen. It will be either be the end of Israel or the territories being merged into a greater Israel. Sounds controversial, but it seems like the only solution. The danger is that the country could end up like the Yugoslavia... which is why the solution isn't popular .

  13. I just couldn't vote for Miliband. I just don't like ANY of his policies.


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