Thursday, 10 July 2014

We Have Hope... we have Hatikvah

On the Gaza situation ....

Alas this is a war that needs to be fought; no civilised country can allow terrorists to bomb civilians and their territory without reaction and therefore with regret Israel must strike back at the terrorists who control the Gaza strip. It is not a war of Israel's desire, but of the terrorists who control Gaza. Whilst we all look forward to peace, real peace; a Jewish homeland, a Jewish state, side by side with a homeland for Palestinians, but Israel cannot surrender at the point of a gun or due to barbarous terror & hate. If Hamas would lay down arms and the terrorists renounce violence, then there could be peace or at least the start of peace. What will happen now is uncertain. The best outcome is for Hamas to be overthrown by Israel and then a multinational peace (NATO/UN/RUSSIAN) keeping force sent to Gaza to rebuild and restore law and order & to govern whilst the future status of the territory is negotiated as part of the wider peace settlement. Long shot, but I believe in Hatikvah. I believe in Hope.

So long as still within the inmost heart a Jewish spirit sings,
so long as the eye looks eastward, gazing toward Zion,
our hope is not lost: that hope of two thousand years,
to be a free people in our land, the land of Zion and Jerusalem
Our hope is not yet lost,

The hope of two thousand years,
To be a free people in our land,
The land of Zion and Jerusalem.
Our hope is not yet lost,
The ancient hope,
To return to the land of our fathers,
The city where David encamped.
As long as tears from our eyes
Flow like benevolent rain,
And throngs of our countrymen
Still pay homage at the graves of (our) fathers;

As long as our precious Wall
Appears before our eyes,
And over the destruction of G-d's Temple
An eye still wells up with tears;

As long as the waters of the Jordan
In fullness swell its banks,
And (down) to the Sea of Galilee
With tumultuous noise fall;

As long as on the barren highways
The humbled city gates mark,
And among the ruins of Jerusalem
A daughter of Zion still cries;

As long as pure tears
Flow from the eye of a daughter of my nation,
And to mourn for Zion at the watch of night
She still rises in the middle of the nights;

As long as drops of blood in our veins
Flow back and forth,
And upon the graves of our fathers
Dewdrops still fall;

Hear, O my brothers in the lands of exile,
The voice of our Prophets,
(Who declare) That only with the very last Jew —
Only there is the end of our hope!

Go, my people, return in peace to your land
The balm in Gilead, your healer in Jerusalem,
Your healer is G-d, the wisdom of His heart,
Go my people in peace, healing is imminent... "

Hashem may you establish abundant peace upon Your people Israel forever, for You are King, Master of all peace.He who makes peace in His high heavens, may He make peace for us and for all Israel, and let us all say Amen

"The L-rd will be King over the whole earth. On that day there will be one L-rd, and His Name the only Name." [Zechariah 14:9]

May Hashem allow us to see the arrival of Mashiach [Messiah] and the end of all wars & universal peace. Amen


  1. Dov,

    Great post. Thanks !

  2. Atheist Shrugged10 July 2014 at 23:45

    Israel is defending itself ...

    from Palestine's legitimate owners, and protecting the assets it stole.

    What legitimacy has the thief whose only acceptable reconciliation with its victim is to accept their dispossession?

  3. If the Palestinians accept peace....

    Will Palestinian get permits to build their homes and farms in their territories?

    Will Palestinian kids not be beaten or shot on the way to school or when dragged from their beds at 3am after throwing stones at armoured vehicles and concrete watchtowers?

    Will settlers accept that Palestinians have a right to gather olives from - or sheperd their goats on - their ancestral farm plots?

    Will Palestinians be allowed to use all the roads across the land?

    Will electricity and water supply be constant and plentiful?

    Can't you just see it all now?

    The separation wall will go the way of the Berlin wall.

    The Temple Mount will be open to all.

    There will be acceptance of all and no racism anywhere.

    A united Palestine/Israel - a proper utopia!

  4. Free Palestine11 July 2014 at 00:01

    Palestine is the Palestinians' homeland. Jerusalem is their capital.Ah, another piece of evidence that nobody will pay attention to. It is sickening that the world believes anything that Israel's government pronounces. How gullible are we? Ignorant of history and willing to allow great injustice and crimes against other human beings to take place. Obama has again disgraced himself with the pathetic line, "Israel has a right to defend itself against rockets from Gaza". Followed by pathetic statements uttered by other politicians.

  5. What is the point of the BS you spout all the time?!

  6. You know what you can do with your utopia! If you could even pretend to be a bit balanced in your commentary. Is that too much of an ask?

  7. Dov,

    Thanks for this post and FOR POINTING OUT that Israel and Jews don't want war, but peace, but are forced into conflict by hate and terror to defend ourselves. May Mashiach come and bring and end to all war.

  8. Bro, you're best post yet! For those of us in Israel, A THANKYOU to our diaspora brothers and Sisters, our Christian friends and those atheists who support Israel during her dark days. I only hope my sons and daughters are not called to fight & whilst this difficult for certain posters below, the self-loathing radical extreme left wing idiots ,they will do if they have to, we defend not just our freedom, our homes, but also our right to exist.

  9. Someone quipped, "We've had Operation Cast Lead, Operation Pillar of Defense, and now Operation Protective Edge. How many times can you perform the same operation on a patient!?"

  10. Very true. Which is why I think the best endgame is something along the lines of what I have written above. I am, however, doubtful that this will ever happen. A return to the status quo is more likely.

  11. It is obvious, but still has to be pointed out. That is what is depressing about this whole conflict and the one-sided narrative that Israel as the villain and the Pals as the victims.

  12. Thanks Raj,

    Interesting points to add to the conversation. Oh and welcome.

  13. Took the words right out of my mouth there.

  14. Bunkum as usual. If I go to Mossad media school, I guess you've gone to Iran for your propaganda training.

  15. Dominique Vasilkovsky11 July 2014 at 13:30

    Just love the Israeli national anthem (:

  16. Dominique Vasilkovsky11 July 2014 at 13:32

    The experiment of having a Palestinian state in Gaza has failed.
    If you were Israeli, wouldn't you be pissed when others call for "restraint" in dealing with people who send missiles into your civilian areas, and who glorify those who target and kill innocent civilians?

  17. Free Palestine11 July 2014 at 13:34

    The World has been in a coma since 1948 ,when the Zionists succeeded to terrorise the Palenstenians to leave the land or be killed,the Massacre of Der- Yaseen is a stark example.Three Israeli boys were killed ,all TV channels and Newspapers show the public's outrage at this crime for days on end,yet when M.Khdear was burnt alive by the settlers ,the same Tv channels and newspapers shied away and only briefly broadcasted the news.Israeli Army has since killed tens of innocent Palestenians,demolished their homes,injured hundreds and all the civilised West can do is to ask for restrain on both the Israeli and the Palestenian side.Our humanity is in question when all we can do the aggressor and occupyer is asking them to show restraint.

  18. Free Palestine11 July 2014 at 13:35

    Those European goverments and the US as well, will not dare challenge Israel for its crimes,for Europe still suffers from the guilt complex of the thirties and early forties where a lot of Jews were killed.the US is unable to challenge Israel due to the strength of the zionist lobby that controls all corridors of powerand most of the wealth.Remember what Allbright said about Clinton/that he was the best friend that Israel could wish for.Forget Europe and ask the Rising powers in the East{ Russia,China} to help .Europe's time has long gone.

  19. Free Palestine11 July 2014 at 13:37

    what a pathetic little rogue state israel is

  20. Very pathetic, NOT. Keep up he good work Israel.

    Israel’s world-leading Unmanned Air Vehicles and cameras were demonstrated simultaneously in the skies above Rio de Janeiro. A Heron UAV made by Israel Aerospace Industries, fitted with a heat-sensing camera from Israel’s Elbit Systems helped Brazilian police capture a criminal gang leader, to prevent violence during the World Cup. The Brazilian Air Force is also deploying Elbit’s own UAVs in the shape of the Hermes 450 and 900, which are conducting safety and security missions during World Cup matches.

    Back on the ground, Israel’s global dominance in security systems is in evidence at the 44,000-seat Arena Patanal World Cup stadium in Cuiaba where Israel’s Risco Group has implemented a command and control system. In another city, administrators serving 24 Brazilian Government agencies will operate the Situator incident management platform from Israel’s NICE Systems.

    We now leave the world of soccer for the world of medicine to read that Forbes has just produced its list of top 10 world-changing health tech companies. It contained no less than six Israeli firms - ReWalk, uMoove, Telesofia, Surgical Theater, TotallyPregnant and HelpAround. Surprisingly, it didn’t include Israeli start-up MobileOCT, which won the 2014 Vodafone Americas Foundation Wireless Innovation Project for its program to help residents in Southern USA detect cervical cancer. MobileOCT’s additional ability to detect early stage melanomas (skin cancers) was even featured in a program on BBC World.

    The flawed United Nations still performs some useful global functions. It distributes satellite images to rescuers in disaster areas, and will now be enhanced with those from Israeli satellites. The UN, together with the World Health Organization, also backed Israeli NGO Wheelchairs of Hope, designers of the world’s first affordable, child-friendly wheelchair. (The video of the Israeli charity is in Arabic with English subtitles.)

    Israel’s cup is truly running over, due to the water technology that it brings to a parched world. California is currently experiencing a drought of near Biblical proportions and has turned to Israel to help hydrate its economy. Trade journal Global Water Intelligence bestowed its top awards on Israel’s IDE Technologies in recognition of its water desalination plants at Carlsbad in San Diego, California and at Soreq in Israel. In Mexico, Israel’s Desalitech is installing its Closed Circuit Desalination Reverse Osmosis technology. Israel’s Blue I Water Technologies is installing high-precision water quality analyzers in Beijing, China and also in India and Paraguay. Israel’s Mapal Green Energy has now been selected to install its wastewater treatment systems, by three of the largest UK water companies serving nearly half the homes in England.

    Israel is a world power in renewable energy. Israel’s Sunflower plans to construct up to five wind farms in Finland. Israel’s Ormat Technologies will soon be generating geothermal energy in Indonesia and has had its 13th geothermal power plant inaugurated in New Zealand.

    Israel’s parliament building will soon be the most environment-friendly law-making institution in the world, with 4,600 sq meters of solar panels on its roof. Knesset Director-General Ronen Plot paraphrased a Biblical verse "Out of Zion shall go forth the law of green and renewable energy."

    Newly found natural gas deposits have turned Israel into a real power player which even Turkey and Egypt have recognized by promising to purchase supplies. Other energetic activities include Israel Corporation Power’s recent acquisition of power plants in Jamaica, Nicaragua, Colombia, Chile and Peru.

  21. Maybe Iron Dome is the wrong name for Israel's missile-defence system, as it has let through almost 350 rockets in the last three days ... Iron Sieve perhaps?

  22. It calculates where the missile will hit and lets through those that will miss their targets. Reduces the cost and possibly allows better plotting of where the terrorists are firing from.

  23. Hamas fires unguided missiles at Israeli population centers.

    Israel targets the houses of Hamas commanders, but phones the houses up before striking to warn the occupants to leave so as to not kill innocent family members.

    This is not a war between two sides with equal moral standing. This is a war between an inherently evil movement (Hamas) and a set of people that if left alone just want to live in peace with their neighbors.

    Peace will come to Gaza when Hamas is destroyed. Hamas has sealed its fate through its own actions.

  24. Free Palestine

    If the Israelis were like you say they are, they would have long ago driven the Palestinians of Gaza into the desert to drink the sand of Sinai. They certainly. have the power to do it. In fact, the entire Palestinian strategy of low level asymmetric warfare is predicated upon the assumption of Israeli restraint. Try this strategy against someone like Saddam. See how far it gets you.


  25. You know, as opposed to the third world paradise that has been created by Islam. Why, the Muslim world represents the very pinnacle of seventh century civilization.

  26. Some wishful thinking on this post David; I doubt if the UN or anyone else for that matter who seriously occupy Gaza even in a peacekeeping capacity. It is easier for this to continue and constantly blame Israel for the Palestinian problems. For the UN to do anything of worth, it would, well have to do something of worth. It is run by third world dictators and paid for by the west. A mockery.

  27. But that isn't to say I do not appreciate the sentiments behind what you are saying. I too, along with every other normal human being wants to see peace in the middle east.

  28. Perhaps if you were to walk a mile in Palestinian Arab shoes?

    Some people knock on your door, explain that they have recently arrived from foreign lands and would be most grateful if you would move yourself and your family out and give them your property. You respectfully decline their request and they leave.

    Some people knock on your door they have brought guns and a tank. They order you and your family to leave with whatever you can carry.

    You move into an overcrowded slum with all the other families that these people from foreign lands have dispossessed. But still they are not satisfied and they continue to take more and more land.

    Some people blow your door of its hinges, walk into your living room and tell you the only way to stop them is to agree that all they took from you now belongs to them and their children only. Also they noticed while they were there that you seem to be sitting on an aquifer and some natural gas and they would like that too.

    Now you wouldn't like that would you?

  29. on most issues the comments page is usually erudite, reasoned and in many ways revealing a great deal of sympathy and thought. But on the question of Israel, suddenly a nasty side to contributors is all too easily revealed. Out goes the sympathy for a brutalised and captive people, the Palestinians, and much praise and backing is heaped on to the aggressors, Israelis, who have reduced the living standard of ordinary Palestinians to that of a Warsaw ghettos or similar camp. The response is disproportionate. The brutality is ongoing. The cleansing a reality. Are Palestinians simply to sit there and relying on nothing but handouts and unable to trade or send their children to school. Or face hours of waiting just so they can access basic foods. Or return home and find their home occupied by zionist nuts or their child arrested, kidnapped, by Israeli forces. Is this normal. Is this the action of a country that wants peace and conciliation. No. It is not. So for this reasons, just as the Jews of Europe faught hitler for their freedoms, in the same way Palestinians will fight for theirs.

  30. Atheist Shrugged12 July 2014 at 21:08

    Once again a total out of proportion response from The State of Israel, some Jewish people have been completely whitewashed into thinking their leaders are always right, it is find to go on still stealing land today from Palestinian people, ignoring UN Rulings to stop, and return land stolen, Hamas is wrong with the rockets but they are just the same as the State of Israel with it's trigger happy young boys playing at being soldiers, killing innocent Children & Women, this must be Stopped! it is time for Governments worldwide to say STOP or sanctions will be made against Israel!


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