Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Belated Happy Birthday !

Hi All, 

Hannah here .

All of us here are staunch Monarchists and we all love our royal family , especially our Queen[who is also Queen of 22 other countries as well!] and the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge. So on a slightly lighter note than other posts we'd all like to wish Prince George a very belated but  Happy Birthday ! 

Celebrations: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with Prince George during a visit to the Sensational Butterflies exhibition at the Natural History Museum in London


  1. G-d save the Queen! (even though I'm an Israeli now :) )

  2. Hannah

    Thanks for putting this one up. G-d save the future King and happy birthday to him! (:

  3. God save the Queen and all of the Royal Family !

    Happy birthday to Prince George !!

  4. Happy birthday Prince George !

  5. God save the Queen ! Happy Birthday to little Prince George !


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