Thursday, 10 July 2014

E- Postcard from us!

Hi All, 

This is our little cyber postcard from our hols! Having a great time over here: 
  • On route, we managed to check out Bristol : lovely city. Love the accent  'morning me Lubbers!' lol!
  • Had a fab Shabbos with Esther and family: great to see them & to share some homemade cider!
  • Went to the fantastic Eden Project on Monday (got me thinking about a short story of a moon colony or something like that!)
  • Saw Ruth on Tuesday, had a long conversation over a pot of tea
  • Yesterday we sat on the beech and as we'd brought a board and wet suits we did some surfing, which was very cool, although neither of us managed to stay on the board for very long! ] We even got chatted up by some 'surfer dudes'; they were well and truly lucky to meet a pair of lezzas (lol!), although after some tentative discussion we realised they were also MOT !
  • Today we are on the beech again. We are thinking about going to St Michael's mount, Land's End and to get a boat to do some wildlife watching!

Hope you are all OK! See you in a week's time! 

Hugs and Kisses Hannah and Sarah xx (: ! 

Also a thought from  both of us, via a picture Sam shared last week : 


  1. Hannah

    Well I'm glad you are having a good time. We did get the paper postcard today, strangely enough.

  2. Great to hear from you sis!
    You surfing?? LOL!
    I can't wait to see the pictures of that ...

  3. Hey Hannah,

    Glad to see you are having a gay time! Where's Cornwall ? Is that in Jamaica ?

  4. Hi Gay Frum.

    Where have you been??! Welcome back ! xx (:

    No Cornwall is the SW of England. Very rugged coastline, where the pirates traditionally came from & where the hounds of the baskerville (sherlock holmes) is set.

  5. Hey no fair! We both managed to stay on for a few seconds. We're both improving our surfing each day !

  6. Thanks David. Glad you got the postcard (:

  7. Hi Hannah,

    Sorry for my absence - I'm glad to be missed- I've just been very busy! Thanks for the welcome back. Enjoy the time in Cornwall!

  8. Hi Hannah,

    Glad you and Sarah are having a good time. You are a cute couple and right for each other :)

  9. Great to see you the other day. We must see each other more often. Enjoy the rest of what Cornwall has to offer.

  10. We're missing you Hannah and Sarah! But we are also great you are having lots of fun, it seems. Just wish we could be there with you.

  11. I'm surprised it got here so quickly! (:

  12. Dominique Vasilkovsky11 July 2014 at 13:27

    Great to hear from you. As Paul said below we are missing you guys already. Glad you are happy.

  13. PS -MOT ? Ministry of Transport??

  14. As a gay woman myself, this blog gives me great pride. I doubt this will be seen by them, but I want to just say congratulations. You've done what many gay couples are afraid to do. Publicly announce your pride in your life style. My girlfriend's parents are the definition of bigots. It's a hard road ahead of the two of us, and it's so... what's a good word. Relieving, comforting, to see two gay women with such pride. A tip of the hat to you all and a most sincere thank you.

  15. Oooooooooh lesbians!

  16. Hi

    I'm in the same position. Hannah's family are lovely, but my family have cut me off because I am gay. So I totally understand what you are going through. Lots of love and thought from me to you x

  17. Sarah,
    It was lovely to meet you last week. As I said at the time, I'm sorry that you're family did that to you. We are all hear to listen /support whenever you need.

  18. Hi Texas,
    I'm sorry to hear of your troubles, understand where you are coming from. It is terrible when stuff like this happens.

  19. Yeah, I 'm gay. Get over it.

  20. Yeah, bet they are going to be so funny!


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