Monday, 21 July 2014

Small but significant

Hi All,

It's me, Hannah! 

Following the large demonstration on Saturday by the pro-Palestinian side, which such novel placards as'Israel: hitler would be proud' & the second weekend of pro-Palestinian &Jew hate fuelled violence in France. This is a picture from a peaceful counter pro-Israeli demo yesterday, attended by both Jews and Christians :

Israel supporters on London's High Street opposite the Israeli embassy on Sunday, July 20, 2014 (Jennifer Lipman/The Times of Israel)

We might not be as large as the Islamic community, but our voice has a right to be heard and our voice stands with Israel & her people, right now, despite the upsurge in Anti-Semitism. As that placard says the loyalty and commitment of British Jews to Britain & her Queen has never been in doubt. We have contributed so much to British life, despite being a tiny minority.Our contributions have been positive and we have lived here as a group since 1658, maintaining our religion, whilst also integrating into wider society. 

Here is a link to of  British Jews who have significantly contributed to society.  You will note that when it comes to science , politics, writing &entertaining, these have their own pages, given the lists are so large.  All this from a minority which has never been more than 1% of the total British population!

Which is why, now more than ever, I am proud to describe myself as a Jew and a British  Jew of the Sephardim  in particular. 

G-d Save the Queen  !
G-d defend Israel ! 


  1. Great stuff Hannah and I can entirely agree with it .

  2. Well put Hannah. Frustratingly not much more to add here.

  3. Hannah,

    I agree. Jews have done wonderful things for this country & are a welcome people here in Britain. God save the Queen, Israel and look after Jews everywhere.

  4. Agreed, Great post Hannah (:

  5. We are called 'anglos' in Israel. Amazing how many people actually like the Brits, given the atrocious propaganda that comes out of the left wing propaganda sites of the bbc, guardian and received wisdom everywhere.

  6. Agreed. Small but outstanding (:

  7. That's they way I like to think of it (:


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