Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Father Gabriel Nadaf on the current conflict

David here,

Much to my interest and delight, one of the leaders of the Greek Orthodox Church in Israel, Father Gabriel Nadaf, penned the following on Monday, whose sentiments and views I can thoroughly concur with : 

"Edmond Burke, the 18th century Irish philosopher and political theorist, said, ‘The only thing necessary for evil to win is for good men to do nothing.’ Therefore, we are all brothers in the face of evil, with no regard to religion, race, and faith. The outcry about the atrocities we are crying out together. As the spiritual father of the Israeli Christians Forum, who encourages the recruitment of Israel Christians to the IDF and  full integration of Christians into the Israeli society, I would like to turn to you with a plea to support and back Israel, our Holy land, and its defense forces. The country is under fire and our soldiers are fighting against terrorist organizations, whose sole purpose and goal is to destroy the State of Israel. 
In the name of the Israeli Christians, I am crying out to the whole world: Wake up! Terrorism acts don’t allow any chance for peace. If Hamas doesn’t safeguard its own people, Israel cannot be held responsible for their safety. Hamas is supposed to be protecting its own people but unfortunately, like all the terrorist organizations, it does the opposite, takes advantage of the Civilian Gazan population, and sacrifices its people (women and children). Therefore, the death of the Palestinian civilians in Gaza is the sole responsibility of Hamas. 
They are the only ones to blame.Israel complied with Egypt’s offer of a cease fire, but Hamas refused. Israel cannot sit idle while the barrages of rockets are being fired on its civilians and it cannot allow the infiltration of terrorists into its space through tunnels whose sole purpose is killing Israeli civilians. The one big difference between Hamas and Israel is that the lives of Israeli civilians are very precious to the State and it will do everything in its power to protect them, regardless of religion. 
Since the takeover of Hamas of Gaza, it has done everything to force the Christians to disappear and flee from Gaza. They hate the Christians no less than they hate the Jews. Hamas is part of the Al-Qaida ideology and resolutions cannot be reached with them. Their refusal of the cease fire is a clear testimony to that. 
Instead of reinforcing the State of Israel and the security it provides for the Christians and all of its citizens, it’s being boycotted and there are continued attempts to weaken it, which will lead to us becoming an easy prey like all the countries around us. The State of Israel is at the forefront of the battle against the terrorism that is trying to swallow the whole world. The flame of terrorism is going to reach every corner of the world and no country will be immune from the terrorist attacks. What is happening in Syria, Iraq, and Gaza will be happening in your country if you continue to do nothing. 
Therefore, we all have to come together in unity and uproot terrorism. We should not be complacent and accept terrorism as a fact of life. We have to stop being indifferent about terrorists, who are exploiting our freedom and good spirit. I am calling on you, on behalf of the Israeli Christians, to support the IDF and the State of Israel in Operation ‘Protective Edge’ and to fight terrorism with us, in order to protect the Holy Land. For, if God forbid, our country falls in the hand of terrorists, a catastrophe will befall the entire world. May God bless you and bring justice and peace to the world. Amen!"


  1. Amen to this David.

  2. Full credit to this Dude ! He speaks alotta sense; more than some Jews in fact.

  3. Great stuff. Thanks for putting this one up!

  4. Atheist Shrugged23 July 2014 at 22:45

    This would never have started had Israel kept to its 1948 borders, instead it has now taken over 78% of Arab land since 1947 , in violation of the UN charter and Geneva convention and many UN resolutions. The rest of Palestinian land is under ILLEGAL occupation and siege. The Israeli settlement building continues. Why do you think the rockets are being fired? ? How many of the paid pro-israeli propaganda merchants would accept the same being done to them?

  5. That's funny considering it was the surrounding Arab nations that attacked in 1948 to destroy the Jews inside those UN determined borders. It seems simply lost on people that the Arabs threatened war, declared war, advanced in war confident of victory. But the Arabs lost. You don't get to scream "Do over!" when you start a war and lose it.

    David, I am still waiting for monthly payment as a paid pro-Israeli propaganda merchant. Please have the Knesset authorize funding post haste.


  6. Hey, this is serious. I was promised money, and if it doesn't come soon, I am going to start sounding suspiciously pro Palestinian. And I have been practicing, so it won't be pretty.

    "Rockets? What rockets?"

    "Yes, it was TOTALLY a coincidence that non-existent rocket battery was on the roof of a hospital."

    "Oh those rockets. Those are fireworks for celebrating the Fourth of July."

    "If you don't want them using rockets then tear down the wall so they have clear lines of sight."

    "Those rockets are the vanguard of the Palestinian masses against the Israeli invader."

    "No rockets! No peace!"

    You have been warned.

  7. Heh, The Arabs have bigger bucks than us. Perhaps you need to take it from the big oil ??


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