Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Still here, still proud, still Jewish!!

Hi All,

After been spat upon yesterday & following the news that in France there was a near pogrom against  Jewish people,  when the terrorists ignore a ceasefire, all I have to post (thanks to housemate for finding this) :

Indeed as even our American Haredi brothers have said :

"Today’s news brought the report that Hamas has rejected an Egyptian-brokered cease fire, while Israel’s cabinet has expressed its willingness to abide by its terms. Once again, Hamas has shown what it truly is — a terrorist organization bent on wreaking death and destruction, not only upon Israel, but upon its very own people. Its aim is to reject peace and coexistence and its violence is intended to take Israelis and Palestinians further from the negotiating table. 
We express our deep appreciation to President Obama for his strong support of Israel during this difficult and desperate time.The U.S.-funded Iron Dome defense system has proven to be invaluable asset and has saved countless lives. The close military cooperation between the U.S. and Israel that has taken place over these past years has clearly played a critical role in assisting Israel in responding to the terrorist threat it faces now and on an ongoing basis. As both Americans and Jews, we are proud that our country remains a stalwart friend of Israel. 
In light of Hamas rejectionism, we urge President Obama to strengthen even further American resolve in dealing with the terrorist threat it poses. We should make clear to the world that the consequences of continued fighting for Gaza and its civilian population rest squarely on Hamas’ shoulders. We should make clear to President Abbas that a Palestinian Authority that includes Hamas is not a partner for peace. And we should make clear that Palestinian violence will have a detrimental affect on American support — both diplomatically and financially. 
Only through the strong and unequivocal support of the U.S. for Israel will Palestinians realize that peace, nonviolence and coexistence are their only options."


  1. Spat upon? By whom? For what reason? Because you are Jewish?

  2. Hi Carl,
    Yes it was to do with an argument over gaza on a stall that me and Sam were walking past. The spitting bit came into play because the aggressive nature of the person speaking meant gob fulls of liquid from his mouth were going all over the place, especially me being shorter than my bro, so it was being spat upon via argument, so we walked away as quickly as possible. That may sound like nothing, but you know when something is deliberate, but can't prove it; it was spitting, because they guy clearly didn't have a throat problem until we turned up, but people would think the accusation laughable because it was a conversation? I dunno perhaps I'm not explaining it very well, but it doesn't bother me. I'm standing up for my beliefs & perhaps for the first time I simply don't care about whether or not people agree with them and this is still Britain where I am free to disagree with people. To be honest one gets used to all sorts of slights etc, so I'm not making a song and dance over it in the real world. Funnily enough my housemates are now wearing Kippah's now as a sign of support.

  3. Hannah,

    You and Sam need to be more careful in future, randomly arguing about this in the street isn't a good idea. Although I am pleased as I said below, that you're non-Jewish friends have been very supportive, by now wearing Kippahs.

  4. Atheist Shrugged16 July 2014 at 16:11

    I am sorry you were spat upon.

  5. Dominique Vasilkovsky18 July 2014 at 16:42

    Awful, sorry to hear that Hannah (:


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