Sunday, 20 July 2014

Gaza thread

Readers, David here.  I've decided to add this thread which is a forum for people to add their thoughts, prayers and discuss the current conflict, especially it is now in a ground war phase, with all the heartache and worry that this causes those who have (the great majority of us) relatives one way or the other serving in the IDF. I believe that this blog is best served as a niche, as  we are not an adequate news service. There are many forums or blogs which will give you up to date information & be able to give post after post of this; we feel here we would be just echoing these blogs and there is no need to do that. We do not feel we can do these things with our limited resources here, so this shall be our ongoing discussion thread of this conflict. 

May Hashem bring back the men and women of the IDF safely, may they do their duty and may their mission be accomplished . Amen.

NOTE : When this disappears off the front page I am going to move it to the 'pages' column on the right, so people know where it is if they wish to come here to discuss these issues. 


  1. Hi David,

    Good idea. It seems like we are always discussing the same stuff with the usual suspects. It goes without saying that me and our housemates all robustly support Israel against the terrorists.

  2. You represent everything that is wrong with modern Orthodoxy as its fringes move toward out and out heterodoxy. You posit yourself as some great innovator, when you are just regurgitating information that anyone who reads English or Ivrit can find on his own.

  3. Free Palestine20 July 2014 at 13:40

    The world condemns a country for allegedly downing a civilian plane killing innocent men, women and children BUT does nothing to condemn the Israeli military for killing more innocent men women and children than were on the aircraft. Why is it ok for Israel to act as a terrorist nation without condemnation from the rest of the world ?Look at who controls much of the media and understand why Israel is allowed to get away with murder and theft.

  4. Ahh... but you forget this occurred because Hamas in Gaza keep firing missiles into Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Please read the facts. What would our Gov do if a country kept firing missiles into London and Birmingham?? Doh...

  5. Back in 1947, both the US State Dept and the US Defense Dept opposed the creation of Israel. Both organizations saw it as an unnecessary impediment to US interests in a vital region of the world. And one of their strongest arguments against the formation of Israel was this: "Palestine is an under developed land that will not sustain the additional population. The Jews will arrive, find nothing to do, and starve." Zionists lobbying the American gov't went to great trouble to develop economic plans to counter this argument.

    The Jews didn't come to Palestine with swords to drive out the Canaanite. They bought land from absentee landlords who were happy to sell what they thought was worthless land to idiot Jews. Those idiot Jews came with tools to develop the land. If it was seen as an invasion, the means of conquest was not war but industriousness. The local population was fearful of exactly what happened - that the local Arab population would not compete and the land would lose its Muslim character. And so they have been fighting since May 1948 to erase that outcome.

    The Israelis didn't steal anything. It was the Arab states who constantly threatened war in 1947 should the nation of Israel be established. It was the Arab states that made good on the threat in 1948. They were confident of a victory that would be followed by a short violent Jewish bloodbath. And so was the rest of the world. (Another reason the US Dept of Defense opposed the creation of Israel - it didn't want to fight for Israeli independence.) Unfortunately the Arabs lost. And with that defeat collapsed all their claims to having been dispossessed.

    If you don't want the consequences of losing a war, then don't start it in the first place.

  6. Carl

    Well said. I'm warming to you.

  7. Yawn. It is the same old same old from you. Couldn't you give the record a change per chance ?

  8. BS as usual and requires no further comment or discussion from me.

  9. Today has been a terrible day - a great loss of life on both sides. But yet, this war must continue and we can't back down in the face of terror. My heart goes out to those who have lost people. Will it be one of ours next?

  10. Shlomo,

    I know. I think of this myself. Alas the world's hypocrites never see that side, to them we are just the wicked villains of this piece.

  11. F*CK OFF is what I really want to say to you. Oh, it is MY blog. So I will !

  12. Why ? How ? What has this got to do with a thread on Gaza?

  13. Carl,

    Greetings. I am glad you are on top form (:

  14. Via the Elder of Zyion: a video which lays the hypocrisy of the far left/human rights brigade bear . As Michael Lumish has said :

    "Sadly, however, the western-left is no longer a friend to the Jewish people. On the contrary. They, instead, provide a seat at the progressive-left table for anti-Semitic anti-Zionists who would see the Jewish people robbed of autonomy and self-defense.

    At the long-term prodding of Arab and old Soviet propaganda the western left increasingly sees the Jews of the Middle East as villains. The left has constructed a "narrative" of Jewish imperial racism in conflict with indigenous rights. This narrative has nothing to do with history and almost nothing to do with the current Arab-Muslim war against the Jews of the Middle East.

    They have invented a morality play in which the Jewish victims are portrayed as aggressors against the innocent, indigenous population who lived idyllic, pastoral lives, tending their Sacred Olive Groves in pastoral tranquility until those vicious, European Jewish marauders rode through in the twentieth-century and stole their land and refused to rape their women out of clear and obvious Zionist-Jewish racism.

    That, in a nutshell, is the way much of the western-left views the Jews who live in our ancestral homeland and if that is what they think of them, just what do they think of us?

    They think that the Jews are thieves who stole Judea and Samaria from the "native" Arab population. And not only are we told that we stole the land of our ancestors, the land where Jewish people have lived since before recorded history, but we stole it from the "indigenous" conquerors of the 7th century who immediately placed the Jewish people under the conditions of dhimmitude where we lived for 13 long centuries before freeing ourselves with the Movement for Jewish Liberation known as Zionism.

    Of course, upon freeing ourselves from persecution under the imperial system of dhimmitude, with the fall of the Ottomans upon the completion of World War I, our former oppressors launched a war against us that continues to this day.

    And, yet, western-leftists, who claim to believe in "universal human rights" and "social justice," side with the hostile majority Arab-Muslim population against the besieged Jewish minority in the Middle East and do so within living memory of the Holocaust.

    All I can say at this point, with, as I write, the bombs now dropping on Gaza - as well as on S'derot, Ashkelon, and throughout the rest of the country - is G-d Bless the IDF and may it keep the Jewish people in the Middle East, and all Israelis, safe from harm."

  15. Shlomo,

    We are all Davening and saying Psalms for you, our nieces and nephews and all the people in the land of Israel (:

  16. Dov,

    Goodness me ! You've finally worked out how to deal with these Jew phobic prats!

  17. For the clueless haters of Israel out there, you seem to forget that as you protest, your Islamist friends around the world are slaughtering Christians. But then, most of you are atheists, so probably have no problem with that. You have blood on your hands, although the second Israel loses or vanishes off the planet, they will come for you. So keep your head in the sand and wait for the kick in the arse you have coming

  18. "Why is it ok for Israel to act as a terrorist nation without condemnation from the rest of the world ?"

    It is called protecting your self from an evil and religious fanatical entity called Hamas, whose sole reason for existing is the eradication of a sovereign nation but then perhaps you are suggesting that the Jews, should say OK we do not mind if you and others repeat the near extermination of the Jewish people so that others are able to give them sympathy once again for the inevitable your dreams. The Jews have learned a very hard lesson over millennia, protect yourself in every way possible and certainly do not rely on the goodwill of others as it is not worth a toss.
    Also for goodness sake I really wish you and others of a similar mind set would get a new record as the old one is beyond its sell by date.


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